Monday, September 26, 2011

"Some Sort of Spooky Ballerina Wreath..."

This was how my husband described the fruits of my crafting labors this weekend. While I did not get down and dirty with the Ikea Erslev rug as planned (note to self: when 8 months pregnant do not plan on accomplishing anything after a trip to Ikea- the trip was an accomplishment in and of itself), I did however, squeeze in some minor crafting during a few catch-up episodes of Project Runway on Saturday night. It started with an embroidery hoop and some black tulle:

After two hours of cutting and tying knots, it looked like this the following morning:

And after a trip to the craft store for some finishing touches from the 50% off Halloween bin....

Voila! You have yourself "some sort of spooky ballerina wreath thingy." Don't worry, he followed that up with a heartfelt, "It's nice."

And, lest you think I am terribly creative, I cannot claim this fun idea as my own. I came across a similar tutorial on Pinterest- which, by the way, is becoming a serious problem for me. If you're not already pinning- let me know and I'll send you an invite- if you are- you can check out all of my pins under the user name hautemama (obvs).