Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Very Betty Holiday

Today I died and went to Betty Draper heaven when I caught a glimpse of this little piece of platinum lady-like perfection at Anthropologie:

Polished Platinum Dress
Something tells me that my engorged casaba melons and I will not be making any holiday party appearances this year, but if I were, I'd definitely be considering a splurge on this number. And while we are on the topic of splurging, I would probably wear them with some ridiculously impractical satin shoes like these beauties from BHLDN:
Bombshell Booties
Given my present circumstances, however, and the fact that a baby will be falling out of my uterus at any moment now, I will probably be more of a this kind of Betty:

But, for those of you with some hope of being this Betty:

...here are a few looks to get you started: 

draped in draper


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