Sunday, February 28, 2010

Haute Daddy

Today marks the 2 year anniversary of my dad's death. I hesitated mentioning this in the blog, because nobody wants to pop-in for a daily dose of materialism and sarcasm only to find themselves roped in to someone's sad story, because trust me, I know we've all got our crosses to bear. However, after further consideration, I knew that I couldn't let him go unmentioned.

In fact, I'm realizing now that I failed to mention him, in addition to my awesome mom, as an inspiration for this blog. My dad was a pretty stylin' guy back in the day. In his later years he was infamous for his perfectly coifed pompadore and a meticulously ironed shirt (usually of the Tommy Bahama variety- he was all about leisure) that was double-tucked in both pants and underpants for an extra-secure tuck.

He was a bigger risk-taker in his youth. The pompadore was preceeded by an even more infamous whifro that he brazenly accompanied with platforms, checkered bell-bottoms and the occasional overall. I'm sure he looked pretty slick when he was bumpin' the Doobie Brothers from his '69 Stingray. No wonder CB couldn't resist.

My parents had a really happy marriage. I know there were several factors that went into that and this may sound insignificant, but one of them just may have been the fact that my dad loved to shop, or should I say, watching my mom, my sister and I shop (often). We'd get to the mall and he would head to his leisure wear department to do some heavy browsing and light purchasing (he always found something), then he'd pick up a caramel macchiato and park himself outside the ladies dressing room as we putzed around for what was often a very extended amount of time, intermittently popping out to get the male perspective.

His insights were not always off-the-mark. I had this one pair of mules, circa 2000, with a funky heel and a rounded toe that I wore to their death and my dad never did like them. "Daisy Duck Shoes" was the term he used. I stumbled upon a photo of myself in them the other day, and maybe it's all the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I've been subjected to lately, but I finally realized, he had nailed it. They looked exactly like daisy duck's shoes.

So, here's a belated shot out to my incredible dad. He was, according to just about everyone he knew, the coolest.

Can you believe the shoes???

Had to post this pic of CB lookin' extra foxy.

...Pompadore- the early years. One haute couple.

We miss you dad. xoxoxo

Hope you're having a Vampire Weekend!

So, I realize that I may be a little late to the party on this one, but I just can't get enough of Vampire Weekend these days.

If you haven't heard them, they're kind of like every Wes Anderson film you've ever loved (or hated, if you're lame) rolled up into one fun little indie/classical/afropop (think Paul Simon) package. The boys are fans of the VW as well.

Check out a few of my favorites from them (and other tunes I'm diggin' right now) here.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away... I can wear these! I'm not going to lie- they were an I'm-bored-on-my-lunch-break-and-shouldn't-be-shopping, impulse buy. Typically, however, when I take something out of the box after such a hasty, frivolous swipe of the credit card, I have a tough time seeing what the original appeal was through the heavy haze of buyer's remorse surrounding it. Not that day. They had an almost ethereal glow when I pulled them out for the first time. Max happened to be in the room and his eyes widened in wonder as I unveiled them and strapped 'em on.
"Muuuuuud Stompers," came out of his mouth in a gasp of awe.
"No," I said, "They're more like street walkers," instantly regretting the phrase, for I was certain that something about "mom" and "street walker" would resurface at preschool.
"Road Walkers," I corrected.
"Yes," he said in a solemn whisper, "Road Walkers." And that was that.

Anyways, long-story-short, just because I'm a mom doesn't mean I am sentenced to a life of practical shoes. Sure, I rock my Uggs at the park with the rest of the mini-van brigade, but why can't I throw on a pair of ridiculous metallic gladiator platform road walkers from time-to-time just to remind myself that I still got it?

Want your own road walkers?

Try these.

... Or these (uh-oh, can I justify two pairs of ridiculously high sandals?)

Or these lovelies.

And, for those of us on a budget, these would get the job done nicely.

OR- you can get the real deal here.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snake Charmers

Max, my four year old, has developed an interest in snakes that is bordering on OCD. He has this snake book- not a beginner's, illustrated, snakes-are-our-friends book, but a legit, hundred-plus page, snakes-with-small-mammals-hanging-out-of-their-mouths kind of book, and my little genius can name literally every single one of them (calabar ground boa, reticulated python, monocled cobra- you get the picture). Initially, I was concerned that he was turning into that creepy reptile kid (you know the one), but, being the supportive mom that I am, I've decided to embrace & encourage his passion and what better way to do so than to show a little love for the limbless ones myself with a few snake-inspired additions to my wardrobe??

I had this hideous sheer snakeprint top in college that saw more than a few bathroom floors, I'm sure, so I was hoping to find some items that said "snake" in a slightly less obvious way and I think some of these goodies really hit the mark! There are definitely some "lusts" in here- but I made sure to include a few "musts" as well! enjoy...

Asos Snake effect pocket dress $17 (?!!)
Torn Jersey "Ari embellished snake tank $73
Alexander Wang ivory embossed silk button front top $270
Arden B Snake Chain knot belt $20
Akira Chicago Snake Print Mini Skirt$29
TopShop Hope elastic snake sandals $40
Loeffler Randall Belinda Pump $475 (In the words of Rachel Zoe...I die.)
Marc B Silver Rope Handle bag $34 (Major Steal.)
Zara Terez Manta Rey Leather Nolita clutch $145
Kara Ross Snake Knot Ring $115 ( May need to own this.)
Kara Ross Woven Snake bracelet $210
Rachel Leigh Cleo Snake Bracelet $66
Asos Multi-colored Rhinestone Snake ring $13

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Spring is almost upon us and the days to bikini (or in my case, tankini) season are numbered. But as I’ve become a more mature haute mama and as I’ve worked harder in these last few months to get myself back into pre-baby shape, I can honestly say that I’ve learned to worry less about those last five lbs. and more about feeling healthy and knowing that I am treating my body in such a way that it won’t completely turn to flab by the time I’m 40. In short, I’m finally starting to feel good about the way my body looks (post-childbirth stomach “sack” included) and I’m determined to keep it that way. My sister, Tia K, aside from having some incredible mystery gene that obviously decided I was not worthy of its possession, keeps her infamously perfect, heart-shaped booty in tip-top shape with a healthy concoction that was passed down to her from an even more genetically blessed friend. Lindsey Borden, and her sister Lauren (basically just blonder, tanner and impossibly perfect-bodied versions of ourselves) are senior instructor and owner, respectively, of Pilates Manhattan in Manhattan Beach.

After spending a weekend with Lindsey and her six-pack, Kelly came home with a morning ritual that involves this super-energizing, intestine cleansing, and over-all health-boosting smoothie recipe:

1 tbs flax seed oil (learn more about the benefits of this amazing source of Omega 3 here)
3/4 cup of TJ's Aloe Vera Juice (it's not just for sunburns anymore- check it out)
1 tbsp of organic raw agave nectar
1- 2 tbsps. of Kefir or organic Greek yogurt ( good source of probiotics)
1/2 banana (room temp or frozen)
1/2 cup of frozen organic blueberries
1/2 cup of frozen organic mangos
1/4 cup of frozen organic strawberries or raspberries
1 scoop of whey protein powder (TJ's)
1/2 scoop of TJ's "Very Green" drink powder

All of these ingredients are available at your local Trader Joe's market. Added bonus- my kids love it- so it's a great way to sneak some greens & antioxidants into their diet. You may, however, want to ease up on the flax for the kiddie version- especially if diapers are involved (I learned this the hard way). I've just started this regimen so I'll let you know how it goes. Who knows- I may even be able to forgo the tankini and slip into this little Missoni-inspired number by Memorial day(hey- a girl can dream)!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Wait is Over! (for me at least)

Alright ladies- Prepare yourselves, because your lives are about to be changed FOREVER . Gone, gone, GONE! are the days of you all being in the dark about my every purchase, my obsessive online browsing (which, If I actually had some cash would be replaced by obsessive online shopping), and my incessant musings on how I might ever get my life in order. How can I be an awesome mom, a wife who is sexy enough that her husband can forgive the more-than-occasional nag-outs, a successful and fulfilled career woman, AND, possibly most difficult of all, manage to look effortlessly stylish all-the-while? Well, get ready, because my brain is now yours for the pickin’. Welcome to Haute Mama Daily, just a little blog where I try to figure it all out- and post some lovely little things for us all to drool over while I’m at it. First things, first- I want to give a little credit to some people without whom this endeavor would never be possible:

  • To the original Haute Mama, my Mama, who can rock a mean skinny jean, who has nurtured my shopping habit from a very early age, and who always seems to sweep all of my problems under the carpet like a true PRO. She is THE BEST.
  • To my beautiful little sister Kelly, aka Tia, who I can always count on to be my biggest fan, and who has pushed me to do the things I love because she for some reason thinks that I already am all of the things I mentioned above. I love you , Ti McGhee. p.s. I have a more-than-sneaking suspicion that we will get some editorial visits from the infamous Tia, just so that all of us Haute Mamas can live vicariously through her single, ├╝ber-stylish, twenty-something exploits.
  • And lastly to my hubby, who still really has no idea what this blogging thing is all about, but loves me anyways. To the rest of my boys, Max, Huddy & Scoot- you make me want to be a better Mama. I love you all more than anything.