Friday, February 26, 2010

Rain, Rain, Go Away... I can wear these! I'm not going to lie- they were an I'm-bored-on-my-lunch-break-and-shouldn't-be-shopping, impulse buy. Typically, however, when I take something out of the box after such a hasty, frivolous swipe of the credit card, I have a tough time seeing what the original appeal was through the heavy haze of buyer's remorse surrounding it. Not that day. They had an almost ethereal glow when I pulled them out for the first time. Max happened to be in the room and his eyes widened in wonder as I unveiled them and strapped 'em on.
"Muuuuuud Stompers," came out of his mouth in a gasp of awe.
"No," I said, "They're more like street walkers," instantly regretting the phrase, for I was certain that something about "mom" and "street walker" would resurface at preschool.
"Road Walkers," I corrected.
"Yes," he said in a solemn whisper, "Road Walkers." And that was that.

Anyways, long-story-short, just because I'm a mom doesn't mean I am sentenced to a life of practical shoes. Sure, I rock my Uggs at the park with the rest of the mini-van brigade, but why can't I throw on a pair of ridiculous metallic gladiator platform road walkers from time-to-time just to remind myself that I still got it?

Want your own road walkers?

Try these.

... Or these (uh-oh, can I justify two pairs of ridiculously high sandals?)

Or these lovelies.

And, for those of us on a budget, these would get the job done nicely.

OR- you can get the real deal here.

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