Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Red Haute Mama

I know it's been a while since I've posted any HMOMs, but believe me, it's not for lack of candidates, because I know plenty of mamas bringing the mad hauteness. Instead of posting a new Haute Mama of the Month tonight, we'll be revisiting one of my previous HMOMs and all-around favorite people, Gina Shoemaker. I may have mentioned, that in addition to being an awesome mom of soon-to-be-FOUR kids, Mrs. Shoemaker is blessed with what Redbook Magazine has officially dubbed a "slender" body type. No, seriously. Pick up the August issue of Redbook and you'll find this Haute Mama working her slender thing in an article about jeans for every body type.
You can also check out a sneak peek of G here at Redbook Mag online
And, just in case you aren't already starting to kind of resent her and her legs- just thought I would share that she was over 3 months pregnant in this picture! OK- don't resent- I promise, she's the greatest.

In other jeans-related news, I came across these little electric blue ditties while searching the maternity selection at ASOS.com, which isn't too shabby by the way.

I was tempted to create a real-life maternity version for myself of look number one from my kimono post, but then I decided that electric blue thighs could be potentially harmful to both myself and others right now. Sigh. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011




 I can truthfully say that I have long been a fan of the kimono and have even been known to sport a few varieties of them in my day, so I'm super excited to see that the kimono is fast becoming a staple in the current fashion climate. So, move over geishas and old ladies with cigarette holders, we want on in some of this silky goodness.

Zara and Topshop have a pretty impressive variety to choose from right now, and Miss Richie has long been a proponent of kimoyes-  her sultry Winter Kate line is full of them.

So, with so many of these beauties to choose from , here are a couple of looks to show you that kimonos are our friends for day and night:
GYPSY lady

kimono dressy

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HMD, take me away...

Palm Desert was nice and all, but it wasn't exactly what I would call a luxurious getaway. Whenever we return from a family vacay, I always lament that I need another vacation to recover from traveling with my kids.

Sadly, there are no luxurious adult getaways happening in my near future, but thanks to the kind people of Jetsetter, I am reminded on a daily basis that there are plenty of fabulous spots out there to which I can travel, should I ever decide to stop making babies. Case in point, Insolito, this unbelievable private estate turned vacation villa in Saint-Tropez.

My imaginary bags are packed.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Please don't stop loving me.

The above phrase is one that Ryan hears often. It's usually after I haven't washed my hair in four days, I fart really loudly in bed, or, well...you get the picture. While I must admit, all of the above has been going on quite frequently lately, my plea to you is in response to my prolonged HMD absence and the resulting fear that you will have stopped checking in, moved on with your lives and finally come to the realization that I'm not that interesting of a person- just your run-of-the-mill, greasy-haired, gas passer.

In truth, I have good reason. Number one being that I am pregnant, and this comes in handy as an excellent excuse under any and all circumstances. Rule of thumb: never expect a pregnant lady to do anything she is supposed to do, other than have indigestion and eventually give birth. On top of this significant and all-encompassing factor, I returned from a week in the sweltering 110 degree Palm Desert heat, and found myself in 64 degree yuckiness with a near debilitating head-cold, a week's worth of emails from unsympathetic clients and a five-year-old's birthday party to plan. I survived it all, but believe-you-me, it took everything I had not to collapse head-first into my bed at 9:15 tonight, so you better appreciate this flippin' post. I'm hoping some pictures might make it more worth your while, and perhaps tomorrow I will return with a less hostile perspective. kisses.

PD. Even the pool was kind of hot.

Clearly, we grew very fond of the snorkel. 

Pretending that we're not sweltering.

Prepping for our random desert boat ride. 

Dr. Hud at the PD Children's Discovery Museum.
Crashing hard after a long day in the sun. 

Then....somebody turned 5! Thank you, Pump it Up, for requiring so little of me. 

Had a chance to finally use one of the Meri Meri cupcake kits- easy and cute. 

They didn't seem to miss my crafting one bit. 

Off to bed with me now. I'll be back tomorrow. I promise :)