Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Gimmes

I know it may seem like it to the average HMD reader, but I promise I'm not really some grabby-handed mcbitterson who complains about life and spends all day online staring at things she can't afford. For those of you that know me, I am generally a happy person, and overall, feel quite blessed with my lot in life. I started thinking tonight, after a few concerned emails from friends wondering about the well-being of my brain, that maybe it was time to shift gears, stop whoa-is-me-ing and I-need-this-ing, and start sharing with you all some of the countless things for which I am eternally grateful.

But then I thought, "Nah. That's boring." I know what you really come here for.

So, without further adieu, here are a few things that are giving me the gimmes for you to ponder and/or purchase over the weekend.

This delightfully Spring-y candy stripe tunic from Urban Outfitters, $29 
This equally Springy and essential linen and sequin tote from the GAP, $49.95

....and more candy-colored goodness in the form of these Delta lamps, $150 each

anyone who has been to my house, knows that my yard is a place where gnomes go to die, lose their limbs and get pooped on by birds. These little guys from West Elm, however, would be safe and sound inside.
This lovely laurel leaf ring by Eddera would complete me. $230

And because we need more toys around here, how cute are these PlayShapes blocks Every kids needs a wooden mustache.

And, just in case you don't believe that I know I am blessed, here's a little photo evidence: 

Check out these keepers. 
Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Making an Effort

Do you ever feel like your brain is going to fall out? That's kind of how I feel lately- like it's just going to drop right out of my head and land on this keyboard and be all sdfjhIEHFJLDJLDhjkfekejyh78yler on you. You know? OK, so it might not be falling out, but it should be apparent that I'm losing my mind and perhaps that's why I've chosen to post so sparsely these days- to spare you all from the ridiculous nonsense that is my stream-of-consciousness of late.

You know, there is one thing that helps me to focus when I'm feeling as disjointed as I have been lately- the promise of a new hand bag. So maybe that promise is years away (single tear) but a girl has always got to be prepared, am I right? Current bags on my list are of the leopard variety (what else is new, you ask), but I just can't help myself, these are GOOD:

L.A.M.B Trademark Audrey Leather Bag, $398

 My girl Gwen always delivers when it comes to the leopard.

YSL Large Leopard Muse, $2550

OK, so this one is a major stretch- but I've been buying my Lotto tickets. 

Zara Small Leopard Tote, $149

..because it's nice to know there are options for those of us who don't you-know-what gold bricks.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


So, as some of you may remember, Tia was off to Coachella last weekend. While she was there, having an amazing time, this happened:

She met my fantasy love swede (please ignore the 2 tools on the right). And he is apparently very tall and kind enough to pose for photos with people who aren't busy pretending they're too cool to gawk at celebrities because they are at hipsters and they are at Coachella. 
When she called me, I wanted so desperately to be giddy with excitement, but there was another part of me, a pretty big one, that was jealous. And, as if I didn't already have enough fodder for jealousy, I had to be reminded that God gave her legs like these: 

(max's godmother Heather (i know, he scored) and Tia Mcleggerson in the hot pants)
But it's cool God, I get it. Clearly I needed sturdier legs to support my massive butt.

Have a Happy Easter Lovelies!

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Lindsey Stafford is a miracle worker. When she asked me if the boys would participate in a studio shoot she was organizing with a group of kids, I responded with a mix of elation and hesitation. Smiling per request and cooperating are not among the boys' current arsenal of skills, but with some heavy bribery and the promise of a new Captain Hook costume and a stuffed squid, I was feeling confident that my men would perform come game time. I can't say the boys were completely uncooperative, but there was a lot of Max's signature platypus noise going on (he told me recently that he makes this noise to "scare away his enemies")  and definitely more tongues than teeth were bared. Linds, however, still managed to capture some serious magic. Behold:
These weren't exactly the smiles we practiced, but it's hilarious.
I love these little monsters. Check in with Lindsey's blog this week to see more fun pics of this adorable session.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

in my clutches.

This Carry-All Pouch by American Apparel seems to be everywhere I look these days. It's taunting me with its fun color-selection and overall practicality. Naturally, I must have it- in multiple color ways. Check it:

via Fashion Squad

via Late Afternoon

via Atlantic-Pacific
via Fashion Squad
Let's all get one. We deserve it.
p.s. happy birthday to my big bro today! he may spend a lot of time hunting with the good old boys, but don't let this clothes horse fool you- this guy can shop with the best of us.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Miss Me?

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, but my brain has been awash in a sea of mucus and pseudophedrine for almost seven days straight now and I've just been too busy laying in bed and feeling sorry for myself to come up with anything interesting enough to say to y'all. As far as colds go, this one was pretty major and I'm quite certain that my nostrils have suffered permanent damage.

So, consider it a great privilege that you, my beloved patrons, are important enough for me to drag my self-pitying butt in front of the computer past my favorite new bed time of 8 pm, just to share with you some cool stuff to get your Friday off to a cool start. Let's do this:

Sweet and simple baby & kid clothes from Kit + Lili via Black Eiffel

I may surprise Max with this awesome whale print for his room. Check out more awesome stationary & prints from enormous champion.
this almost-to-cool-for-me mixed-media art pieceby AK Daves
this ridiculously essential kaftan from two new york that I could both snaz up with a leather belt or just go totally granny in all summer long.

The cutest bathroom ever from the coolest house ever, featured in the latest issue of Rue Magazine. Check out the rest of Bailey's exceedingly hip home on her blog, Peppermint Bliss. That dog paper is officially on my list.
And words can't even begin to describe how much I wish I was starting this weekend off with a cocktail here. Via Full House.
Happy Friday lovelies. I'm going to try and not look like I was run over a bus tomorrow, so I'm off to get my beauty sleep.