Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Put me in, Coach(ella).


I think the Coachella festival has become almost as synonymous for its fashionable attendees as it has for its amazing music. Tia, because she has connections and because her life is totally carefree and awesome (and does not involve cleaning diarrhea off of potty seats- as mine did this evening), will be in attendance this year, and even though it's still almost two months away, we have been heavily consulting the Internets as to what appropriate and affordable Coachella wear will both, a.) be practical and comfortable during long days spent in the desert heat, and b.) make her look totally, effortlessly boho and a little bit hipster and quite possibly land her as a google image search result for "Coachella Fashion" next year at this time.

Above are two of my favorite looks from last year. Based on these and the additional fruits of my google image prowess, I was able to concoct the following recipe for Coachella fashion success: fun sundress with a little "edge", strappy leather flats, cross body-bag, some funky accessories and the perfect hat to, literally, top-it all off.  So, Tia, here goes nothing. Get out your debit card:
1. Dolce Vita Beaded Sandal, $58
2. Vero Moda Cut-out Dress, $44.83
3. Linea Pelle Sliced Leather Bracelets, $40
4. Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather and Chain Belt, $180
5. Gucci Striped Cat-eye Sunglasses, $220
6. Madewell Fedora, (out of stock- similar here)
7. TopShop Woven Leather Cross Body Bag, $60

coachella 2
1. O'Neill Straw Hat, $28
2. Need Supply Pink Yoke Dress, $125


  1. I'm pretty much going to win the 'best dressed' award at Coachella and I won't even have to rock the high-wasted jort! lovzies.

  2. Could I ask how you make these cool collages? They really look good on your blog.