Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's the Deal?

Aside from wondering whether I will ever find a pun too stupid to post as a blog title, you are also probably just the teensiest bit curious as to where in the world I've been hiding myself this week (or so I like to think). Truth is, I've just been taking a blog-cation and it's been glorious. The hubs and I had two (count 'em- TWO) date nights this week, and to be honest, we were kind of broke and really didn't know what to do with ourselves. I'm also eyeballs deep in season three of Mad Men, and if this post seems a little rushed, it's because I love you all, but the Drapers are waiting.

I would, however, know what to be doing with myself if we hadn't spent all our cash on Fisher Price and Leap Frog, and it would involve seriously hitting up some of the amazing post-holiday deals (again, see title for stupid pun) out there. Surprisingly, I've kept my cyber and actual browsing minimal (to ease the pain), but I've still managed to come up with a few favorites to share with you all.

First runner up is Zara. My mom, Tia, and I did some major damage there when I went down to Santa Monica for my birthday a few weeks ago. One of the items I scooped up was this versatile little day dress, now on sale for $26 smackers:

Zara Round Neck Dress , $25.99

Looks good with boots and an oversized cardigan or a green cargo jacket. It's comfy and easy, and I've gotten enough use out of it already that it makes me want to swoop this number up as well for a measly $39.99

Drape Neck Dress, $39.99

While I was there a few weeks back, I also shelled out for some cute argyle sweaters for my little men, all of which are now on sale for just $18:

Zara boys argyle sweater, $17.99
Now, if I can just get them out of the Star Wars t-shirts I got them....If I manage that, I might have to get them one of these adorable little grandpa sweaters for $16: 

Zara boys plush jacket, $15.99

 I would post some little girl stuff, but, you know, sometimes it's just too painfully cute to deal with.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Get Excited.

Christmas came early for HMD this year! Two of my most bestest, most talentedest, and most smartest girlfriends have started blogging and I'm sharing the Christmas joy with all of you.

Sara Bright- the genius behind HOME REC has been my best friend since forever and is the utmost authority on all things preppy and hilarious.

And I think you are all familiar with the Lindsey Brier, the design maven behind the infamous nursery featured here. Get ready to enjoy more of Lindsey's glamorous endeavors and insights as she chronicles them on the Anyon Interior Design Blog.

 Here's to the gifts that just keep on giving! Enjoy!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WOODn't It be nice?

I've been checking out a lot of blogger mommy gift guides this year, and I'm mostly seeing a whole lot of kid gifts of the wooden, earth friendly, secretly-compliments-mommy's-decor variety. Don't get me wrong, I'm a total sucker for a pricey, organic knit rattle set,  but I'm always left wondering if these chicks secretly have any giant plastic Batcaves or Buzz Lightyear Cosmic Blasters laying around. I will admit, the Batcave is currently all wrapped up and under the tree at Casa HMD, along with this ridiculous thing, because I've finally let Max graduate from Playhouse Disney to Nick Jr, which means occasional viewing of SpongeBob SquarePants episodes and waaaaay to many toy commercials, to which, without fail, both Max & Hud will say, "I need one of those." Hook, line and sinker.

That said, I can honestly say that we've been spending most of our time these days with toys of the former variety. The boys are all about blocks and art and puzzles and it makes me realize they do have more fun with toys that don't do most of the thinking for them. So, if you've got some last minute kiddie gifts to buy (it's cool, I won't judge), here is my favorite selection of I'm-a-socially-and-aesthtically-aware-mom-who-doesn't-let-my-kids-watch-Spongebob-or-Batman kind of toys:
 Skuut Wooden Balance Bike
Max hates his wobbly training wheels. Problem solved. 
$71 -

Automoblox Mini S9/T9/C9 3-Pack 
the boys LOVE these- you have to keep an eye on the small parts, but you can swap all of the pieces to build custom cars
$27 -

 Tinkertoy Classic Jumbo Set
A classic- Max starts building the minute he gets out of bed in the morning.
$22 -

 Simple Puzzle Alphabet Letters
The boys are all about their letter sounds and puzzles right now. Best of both worlds.
$16 -

Melissa &; Doug Wooden Sandwich-Making Set
Melissa & Doug are my go-to gifts these days. Well-made, and they're always a hit.
$10 -

Melissa &Doug Animal Stamp Set
Another favorite. We've got the dinosaur set, and the boys are getting the letter set from Santa.
$10 -

Monday, December 20, 2010

Halls Decked.

For those of you reading this- or rather, not reading this, because you are feeling slighted and perhaps fear that you have been officially scratched from the HMD Christmas card list for some mysterious reason - fear not. It just doesn't exist yet. I think I'm going with the New Year's card this year. I'd like to say that this is because the New Year's card is an oft forgotten greeting that can be featured all year long, but it's really just because I'm super un-organized this year. I've been planning to have photos taken of the boys by this bad-ass mama for a few weeks now, but the relentless rain has had other plans for us.

Don't worry though, I'm not a total bah-humbug this year. Just to prove it, here are a few shots of Casa HMD- Chrisma-fied:

ho ho home.

Please, come in.

Every year, Ryan lives in fear that one of these stocking holders will fall on someone's heads.
They're really heavy.

Cute little dudes, cute little Santa
Max 's preschool always send him home with little transcriptions. He's really into the word "actually"

I'm guessing we have more wiener dog ornaments than the average household
I have a weird thing for gnomes
Max has a weird thing for stingrays 
Hubs has a wierd thing for Darth Vader and Mexican food (that's a taco)
Yes, several of these are half-eaten.

Fancy wrapping accouterments from Anthro are making me feel a little Martha this year ;)

Four more days! (and then I have to put all this s*$# away)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Because We Love Them.

Because sometimes they deserve it, as does mine tonight for making me an incredible cheese steak for dinner, getting my boys ready for bed and doing the dishes (all with no obvious expectations of nooky)- here's my list of goodies for the guy on your list. And hubs, if you're reading this- NO, I did not get you the Darth Alarm Clock. Maybe next year.
guy gifts

ALL I WANT FOR XMAS.... more followers! If you love HMD, and you're not already following- go ahead and give my ego that little boost it's been asking Santa for.  While you're at it- go on ahead and share the love by giving the gift of HMD to someone else this year- 'cause it's free. Ok?  Anyways, now that I'm done shamelessly self-promoting (I used to be in real estate- it kind of sticks), I'll finish off by promoting some other awesome blogs that really deserve it- check out my long-overdue blog roll to the right for lots of good reading!  xoxo

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Love it, Actually.

The tree is up and the card is maxed but the holidays are never officially here until I've watched Love Actually. This scene is one of my favorites, because I like British kids and because I'm a sucker for Hugh and his furrowed brow. Enjoy!


As to be expected, I am no where near finished with my holiday shopping. I did close out Toys R Us at 11pm last week with a hefty load of things that will soon be cluttering my home and officially scratched the munchkins off of my list. Santa is done, but Jesse still has some serious buying to do. I'm still brainstorming the perfect gift for the hubs that will not result in a "what did you get me last year?" as is typically the case. Girls are soooo much easier to shop for, so in the meantime, I thought I would help out those of you with some last minute shopping to do and share some of my favorite girly gifts for under $100- to give- and, let's be honest here, to get ;)

Butter London Nail Sparkle Laquer, $14
Kate Spade iPhone Case, $34.95
Dog-eared Friendship Bracelets, $24 each
Mr. & Mrs. Cocktail Glass Set, $18
Baggu, set of 3 Re-usable Shopping Bag, $22
Michelle Armas Antonia 2011 Calendar, $30
Melinda Maria Pod Ring with Blue Topaz, $85
IoMoi Personalized Address Labels, $24 for set of 120
Emerson made Classic School Bloom Clutch, $74
Jonathan Adler Elephant Salt and Pepper Shakers, $48
Vera Bradley Hard Sunglass Case in Poppy Fields, $22
Anthropologie Loomed Ceramic Ikat Bowls, $14 each
5 oz Trapp Candle in Bob's Flower Shop (best scent ever), $17

Monday, December 6, 2010

Deco-d Out

I know you've probably been struggling to overcome that pesky case of the Mondays, but finding it increasingly difficult to do so without your Monday morning cup of  Haute Mama Daily to give you the jump-start you need and for that, I truly apologize. It's just that I've been busy watching Boardwalk Empire on Sunday nights and have been kind of obsessing over it. Last night was the season finale, so, henceforth, you'll have my undivided attention, but if you missed the series, I highly suggest you get your On-Demand and your popcorn on, and settle in for a serious marathon.

Among the many things this prohibition-set drama has going for it, is of course, the gorgeous wardrobe. I'm finding myself seriously hankering for a drop-waist, chiffon dress, some sturdy Mary Janes and a pair of deco chandeliers, and wouldn't you know it- they seem to be popping up all over the place. So, in honor of another HBO masterpiece, my ode to the ladies of Boardwalk Empire:

Deerfield Binder Sequined Deco Dress, $418
Banana Republic Frances Deco Earring, $49.50
Sondra Roberts Clutch, $88
Rebecca Taylor Mary Jane Pumps, $295.79
Alexis Bittar Neo Deco Dome Ring, $175
F21 Feathered Headband, $5.80

ModCloth Prix Fixe Lace Dress, $94.99
Anthropologie Bon Bow Cloche hat, $38
Juicy Vintage Rhinestone Linear Earrings, $78
Old Navy Women's Wrap Cardigan, $49

Anthropologie Gust of Grey Blouse, $98
Anthropologie Warm-blooming Beret, $68
TopShop Maxi Skirt, $90
Kimchi Blue T-Strap Platforms, $68
TopShop Pewter Art Deco Style Beaded Box bag, $90
Bridal Art Deco Revival Stud Earrings, $75

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My little Big Boy.

Sorry for the absence of late. Things have been a little busy around here, you know, with all the eating and stuff. Honestly though, we kept ourselves pretty occupied over the holiday and managed to check a few things off of the to-do list. For instance, I finally pulled the trigger and bought Huddy his big boy bed. After an excessive amount of deliberation and the possible onset of carpal tunnel from hours of Craigslisting, I decided to let this poster bed dream die:

Instead  we went a totally different route and settled on something much more minimalist. I was inspired by this pic of Angie Hranowsky's son's room. (Angie, if you're reading, call me. I love you.)

The bed is the Ikea Malm, and at $129, the price was definitely right. Plus, it's perfect for Hud because it's low enough to the ground that he doesn't really need an annoying bed rail and Scooter's pretty psyched that he has instant access without his dog stairs (yes, you heard me). So, without further a-do, a little sneak peek:

Sorry for the terrible pic, sometimes my camera hates me, or maybe I just suck at photography. Probably both. Anyways, Hud seriously hearts him some big boy bed, and has even taken to napping again after a troubling hiatus, but we've still got all of the elements of his old nursery in place, so we will definitely continue to upgrade. Hopefully, after all is said and done, it will look a little something like this:

I'm too sleepy to source all these goodies, but if there's anything you see that you like, hit me up.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Let's Eat.

With Turkey Day just one day away, most of you are probably all squared away with your recipes and your shopping and you're ready to get your cook on. Yeah, not me. I only have to contribute one dish to a family meal and rather than doing any prep work yesterday, the only thing I prepared for tomorrow's big meal, was my stomach, by stuffing it last night with creamy pasta and red wine. Fortunately, the hubs is the real cook around here, and he's off today, so he and the boys will likely be experimenting in the kitchen and destroying my house while I'm at work, as per usual.

However, were I not so fortunate, I would definitely be referring to some of the ridiculously delicious-looking recipes by way of the blog/food porn site, Vanilla Sugar:

 image via Vanilla Sugar

I'd love to post more pics of some of my favorite delectables there, like these quarter pound double chocolate cookies, but there are some copyright issues, so I'll just leave it all to you to take a gander yourself. Trust me, you won't be disappointed, but you will certainly be hungry.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Seeing Spots

These gorgeous pics from The Sartorialist have me jonesin' for some serious leopard:

Sadly, this beauty is no longer available at Talbots- it seems they have not forgiven me as I have not received my gratis size 6 in the mail as of yet. However, there is plenty of leopard left for me to get my fix over at Kate Spade, and these two items in particular have me feeling very fortunate that I have a birthday just around the corner.

leopard + gold + turqouise tights = gimme. 

OK- so they're a little pricey as gifts go, but that's why I'll be stalking the sight like a hungry tiger until they go on sale. Duh.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Girls Will Be Boys

My personal style has always tended to lean towards the more feminine. I do love a good ruffle and I'm a total sucker for a bright floral. I once owned a pair of cargo pants, and every time I put them on, I was seriously just one sleeveless tee and a bad arm-band tattoo away from being the man in a lesbian relationship.

That said, I have resisted the urge to jump on the recent menswear bandwagon, but it's everywhere and impeccably styled looks like these from and the likes of Olivia Palermo & EmersonMade, have me itching to swoop up some tweeds and some button-downs and give it a try:

So, I gave it a shot and added some of my signature florals and silkiness, by way of blouse. Enjoy!

A.P.C Checked Wool Pants, $325
Floral Shirt by Paul Smith, $231
Old Navy Cable Knit Vest, $29.99
Cole Haan Oxfords, $148
Kate Spade Know the Ropes Earrings, $45
Kate Spade Neda Wallet, $195
Talbots Wool Chloe Hat, $44

Talbots Sequined Boyfriend Cardigan, $149
TopShop Scallop Button Blouse, $85
Old Navy Cropped Essential Trousers, $26.50
Boutique Nine Ronnie Oxfords, $104
Marc by Marc Jacobs Ukita leather bag, $495
Jennifer Meyer Heart Stud Earrings, $275
Michael Kors Chronograph Watch, $250