Monday, August 9, 2010


In an attempt to squelch a recent and slightly disturbing case of baby fever that seems to have come over me, I am trying to keep myself occupied and distracted with various domestic projects that do not involve large amounts of cash. Recently, I’ve been spending some (read: too much) time perusing the millions of DIY design blogs out there and am feeling inspired to start work on Hudson’s official big boy room. My head is swimming with all sorts of ideas, but I know that finding the right bed will be the foundation of the entire look. I wanted something with a vintag-ey, or re-purposed feel and recently came across this gorgeous bed while visiting one of my favorite daily reads, With Two Cats. A desperate Craigslist hunt commenced immediately after.
And, I feel as though I may be jinxing my extremely good fortune by sharing this with you all right now, but I'm so giddy that I just couldn't resist! Looky what I found on CL this morning!! Even amidst the dark blue dungeon, it's glistening with the light of possibility. Oh yeah, and it's SUPER cheap.

It's not mine yet, so please know this: if any of y'all try to swoop this out from under me- I will hunt you down.  So, anyways,  I'll keep you posted.


  1. when i find out the sex i need you to help with the design of the nursery!

  2. love it! I will help you paint it. Dana, you better be having a GIRL!

  3. Super cute....Rich is making Madeline's toddler bed and has some good painting tips.. let me know if you want to chat :)

  4. I love that photo too! If I ever have a boy I may have to go on a similar hunt. Can't wait to see the transformation :)