Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All Clogged Up

There is nothing like the resurgence of a clothing trend to really make you feel old. I do have to say though, as was the case with the chambray, I can look back on my clog-wearing days fondly, and was pleasantly surprised to see that the fashion world has once again reclaimed them from middle-aged hippie ladies and chefs- just be sure not to pair them with tie-dye or houndstooth Hammer pants to avoid being mistaken for either of these.

Because, for some reason, my boys refuse to stop growing every 6 months or so, I will likely be spending my Fall clothing budget on miniature coats and velcro tennis shoes, so the outlook on a new pair of platform clogs is not looking good for my feet. Plus, the fact that the two pairs I have my eye on are both See by Chloe further dampens my hopes of owning them. So, should mom have some scraps left over after preschool duds are purchased, I want to be prepared with some sufficient musties to satisfy my clog lusties.

First, we have the slingback, platform variety- I would  also like to add wedge heel to my list of demands, but was unable to procure any wedge-musties- help me out if you spot them, ladies:

LUSTY: See by Chloe Slingback Clog, $270
MUSTY 1 (from left): Banana Republic Ginara Slingback Clog, $140
MUSTY 2: NYLA Calvina Clog, $109

Then, we've got the ankle strap, buckle clog- these ones give me the uber-grabbies:

LUSTY: See by Chloe Buckled Clog Wedge, $270
MUSTY (from left) 1 : Free People Doub Studded Clog, $138
MUSTY 2:  Free People Sonoma Clog, $100

I can already hear myself clip-clopping around.

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  1. So funny to be reading this right after I was surprised to see the clog trend come back when looking here http://www.gilt.com/sale/women/matt-bernson