Monday, April 26, 2010


I've had my eyes (and my wallet) open for some new summer staples, and I swear, I haven't seen this much chambray since 1994. The last time I wore something chambray, it was probably of the sleeveless, button-down variety and I was probably drinking a smuggled wine cooler at a Gin Blossoms concert. Our fair-skinned denim friend is back, and it seems to be back with a vengeance, ladies. Maybe it's all those fond memories made while wearing chambray, but I'm loving it. As a matter of fact, I recently swooped up two little chambray pieces that I am wearing whenever the weather allows.

Chambray Roll-ups, Anthro, $58

I snagged these comfy little staples at Anthropologie and they are so lightweight and wonderful. Plus, the length is everything my thirty-something legs could hope for, long enough to cover my cheeks, but just short enough to avoid looking Talbots. I threw these on with my new cheapie platform sandals from Target and I was feeling long, lean and summery.

Our friends over at J.Crew are also churning out the chambray looks and these drawstring shorts are looking equally wearable:

j.crew drawstring short, $58

And for those of you who like a little more breeze between the thighs, here's the skirt:

J.Crew Lightweight Cotton Cottage skirt, $45

Now that we're on the topic of skirts, let me get to my next big chambray purchase. Very sadly, I have yet to document this fun little purchase on film and H&M, being the stingy Euros that they are, have failed to post said fun skirt on their site. I will do my best to give you a visual: think light chambray, pencil skirt silhouette and happy bow-lined pockets, a la the Mulberry Betty Bow short seen here:

Mulberry Betty Bow Shorts, $198

I think maybe you get the picture. Hopefully, if the weather cooperates I can take it for a spin and snap some pics. Fortunately the skirt was not $198, but in the very reasonable $25-$30 range. Yeah for H&M. I do believe they make a version of the skirt in shorts, so if you're loving the look of the Mulberry's above, head to H&M for the bargainista version.

And of course, what would a discussion of chambray be without the classic chambray button-down. You'll find these all over the place ranging from modern and oversized at Shopbop to cowgirl cool from Urban Outfitters. As usual, we can count on J.Crew for the essential chambray button down, which I've dressed up for a summer party below.

Chambray shirt

And here's another fun look featuring a very wearable-looking chambray skirt from my increasingly favorite people over at TopShop. Just add Cerveza.

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