Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sophie's got our back

These days it feels almost impossible to keep up with the constantly changing barrage of all the parenting do's and dont's. Sadly, it seems like everything our kids touch is toxic in some way, shape, or form. I want to keep on top of it all and buy them the $17 sippy cups that won't give them cancer, but sometimes it just gets to be a little overwhelming. I just want it to be the responsibility of manufacturers to start providing me with affordable, natural and safe solutions to feeding and caring for my little guys. That's why I was excited to find The Soft Landing, an online store and blog that is loaded with safe, non-toxic solutions to plastic wares and toys for kids.

Its's nice to know that some of the old standards are not camping behind enemy lines. I was pleased to see that our old friend Sophie the Giraffe made the list. Soph, we knew you wouldn't betray us.

Another way to keep chemicals out of our food and air, is to swap out your non-stick pans with one of these non-toxic versions by SafePan. Dr. Oz told me that the fumes from one of those non-stick pans was enough to kill a canary in an unventilated kitchen. I mean, I'm not a bird person, but that's freaky. Plus, our friends at Safepan are Australian. Those Aussies nailed it with the Wiggles and Koala bears, so I figure these have gotta be legit.

G'day Mamas.

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  1. Wow - thank you so much for the wonderful kudos! We're extremely honored and happy to know our product research makes your life a little bit easier :)