Monday, January 31, 2011


Holy Smokes. This was a dangerous discovery. I foresee elastic pants and possible removal from my home by crane in my future. These look insane. Check out the recipe over at Picky Palate- if you dare.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mom Jeans

While its literal, pastry counterpart is considered the superior portion of its whole, the "muffin top" has, in recent years, become a negative phenomenon akin to what may have been really flat hair in the 80's and a very tragic no-no. Sadly, childbirth, genetics and a weakness for processed carbs have left me with a bit of a situation in the abs department, and trust me, my situation, is nothing like the Situation's situation. So, the muff-top is the first thing I consider when trying on a new pair of jeans, and although we are starting to see the light at the end of the low-waisted jeans tunnel, it's still a challenge finding a pair with a substantial rise that doesn' t look a little bit like this:

So, you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this magnificent pair of just-high-enough, high-rise skinny jeans at Madewell:

High-Riser Jeans in Eclipse Wash, $98
And only 98 bucks? In the jeans world these days, that's practically free. I must own them. I even started whipping together some imaginary outfits with some TopShop blouses I've been obsessing over. Behold:

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rent the Runway- Take 2

As many of you know, my first experience with Rent the Runway caused me a small amount of hair loss in the days and hours leading up to my evening of festivities, but it all worked out nicely in the end and I ended up with a 20% off coupon to boot.  So, I've decided to give my friends over at RTR another chance. I've got a black tie affair coming up and currently nothing in my closet (or my wallet) is black-tie worthy. Actually, this is my first official black-tie affair since the Senior Prom, and I'm thinking the standards have changed since the dawn of the dinosaurs.  I'm making an educated guess and hoping that this glammy little number by Milly will cut the mustard:

Cute, right? The structured bustier is just what the plastic surgeon ordered and I think the sequined skirt kicks it up a notch to black-tie status. I've also had my eyeball on this long, red number by Robert Rodriguez, but I have a nagging feeling that it might be a little obnoxious to wear a long, "look-at-me" red dress to a wedding.

And I'd probably fall on my face at least twice. 
Milly it is.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I'm at it again people- craftin' up a storm.

Well, not really, but I've got to say, I'm pretty impressed with my follow-through. I've been eyeballing these cute little art cables from PB kids for some time now, but $40 seemed a little steep. Typically, my "I could totally make one of those" commentary is followed by weeks of not making one and then finally, some type of reluctant exchange of funds takes place.

So, it is with great pride that I annouce- I totally made one of those and it cost me less than ten bucks:

All supplies from my local Richards crafts

The question is, however, is it getting a little crowded over in this bed nook? Should it perhaps be featured here instead?

I was going to convert this into a sort of dress-up corner for my little man with a mirror, some cubbies for hats and accessories and hooks for his capes and chaps and things, because Huddy is all about image these days. Perhaps there should some slight concern on our parts about the fact that he looks like one of the Village people at all times, but I think my little dude has style. Exhibit A: 


Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Imaginary Frenemy

Via Elements of Style
She may be dumber than a box of rocks and even more vapid than a large majority of the real Housewives, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't completely obsessed with Olivia Palermo and her insanely perfect wardrobe. I came across this photo the other day and this look in particular has me debating giving up solid foods altogether in the hopes that I may one day squeeze my substantial thighs into a pair of leather leggings. For those of you whose parents were also rich enough to bribe God, and you can pull these pants off, I've put together my musty version of this look for what I am sure, is like, a bazillion dollars less. Check it out.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thoughts on Education (sort of).

This picture of Max on his first day of preschool seems like it was taken just yesterday, but it wasn't.  In fact, I am sitting here having a mini-anxiety attack because I just thought I would be all ahead of the game and pop on over to the school district web site and do some "early" research on kindergarten registration because I've got until spring to figure this whole thing out, right? WRONG. Turns out registration is this month- this freakin' month and I just want, like, Super Nanny or Miss Lippy or someone to magically appear at my doorstep with some assessment test and tell me if my kid should start kindergarten next fall or if he still needs to work on his lower-case letters and keep gluing feathers and confetti on at least 300 more construction paper mittens (although we may approach that number at the end of this month.). 

In my gut, I know he can handle it. He is extremely smart and focused (when he hasn't just scarfed down a Hostess cup cake and washed it down with a stolen Hansen's soda when I'm not looking), but so many of the parents that I'm talking to are starting their kids (boys in particular) later. I guess mostly I just don't want him to be all gangley and awkward and wondering why Cole and Aidan have hair on their chests freshman year and he's still shopping at GAP kids. You know?

Anyways, I am totally rambling, but sometimes I just need to vent. Thanks for listening. If I haven't completely lost you by now, and you are someone who has or will have, school-age children, or just somebody with a vested interest in our future, AND you have about twenty minutes to spare and even if you don't (which, chances are if you have school-age children you will most certainly NOT), I highly recommend taking the time to watch "Creativity Expert" Ken Robinson's speech on the future of education and the need to make our education system more inclusive. Knowing what I know now about Hud, his teachers are going to need to get really creative...

Enjoy...and let me know what you think!

The Fighter

You came into this world a fighter. As a toddler, you always wore your scars proudly,  ripping your pants off at inappropriate times to show people a set of scars on your inner-thighs that you referred to, inexplicably,  as your "hand-bands". You still wear them with dignity and beauty, baring the scars on your chest and back without a second thought, although I suspect you are secretly confident that you're detracting attention from them with your magnificent butt.

I know you count on me for a million and twenty different things, and I always make a big show of my martyrdom, lamenting to others about my needy little sister, but the truth is, you are so much braver than I have ever had to be. Every day I marvel at your courage and your success. You are kind and funny, and you have talent and brains and style up-the-wazoo- and you know you can network like an m-er f-er. You took a chance and changed your life for the better in a way that so many people would never have the courage to do and I am so very, very proud of you.

On January, 17, 1983, my best friend was born. 

 And she's still servin' up style 28 years later.

 Happy belated birthday Tia, I love you.

Monday, January 17, 2011

HMD Golden Globe Coverage

Overall, I have to say I was a little let down by the majority of  looks at the Golden Globe's last night. There may have been only a select few going home with awards in their hands, but there seemed to be even fewer winners in the style category. OK, ok,  so maybe I'm being a little too cynical, and there were certainly some very clear stand-outs. What's that you say? You're dying to hear my opinion? Especially considering the fact that I am wearing fat jeans and Uggs so old that the lining is exploding through holes above the sole? Oh, alright, but just a few:

First up, the HMD winners: 
Maybe I was craving rainbow sherbert last night, but I was all about these sherberty looks... 

I'm not sure the pics do it justice, but Emma Stone was a total bombshell in this minimalist peach, backless number. The dress color and the hair color definitely suited her. I kind of wanted to make out with her.

I'm usually totally wierded-out by Claire Danes and her mega-torso, but she looked stunning in this dress. Again, totally minimal, elegant, backless. Also, looks like Claire got the memo about Pantone's color of the year, Honeysuckle. Love it.

Yes please Kyra Sedgwick, more mango. Also, earrings=gimme.

Green was another big color of the night and I seriously heart green, especially the deep forest-y tone being rocked by these ladies: 

Peggy Olson looks pretty hot when  her forehead isn't being assaulted by the ugliest bangs ever

Mila Kunis would probably look hot if she came in a burlap sack, but instead, she makes it look easy being green. 

But not all of the green was so great. Behold, my first loser of the night:

Now, I know the burlap sack theory holds true for Angie as well, but c'mon, I think Blanch Deveraux looked hotter in this number when she wore it. Brad, on the other hand, was looking refreshingly un-homeless and goatee braid-free. He sure does clean-up nice. I wish I could say the same for Johnny: 

I'm so over this look for him. 

Anne was also rocking the Dynasty shoulders. I wasn't a fan.

To be honest with you, I wasn't sure whether to put this dress in the "winners" or "losers" category. When I first saw her, I was like "Wow, Betty Draper looks smoking hot." And she did. The color was amazing, her hair was perfection, but then, after a minute, I started to feel visually assaulted by her "golden globes" and the whole thing started to reek a little bit of desperation, season 3 Betty-style. 

And then Jimmy Fallon was all, "Boobs." In his mind. 

In other Mad Men news: 

People think I'm crazy, but John Hamm is really only hot to me when he's Don Draper. Maybe it's the hair that makes him, but when he's John Hamm, he's just kind of, John know? And (now I'm just getting mean) his girlfriend is total dogmeat.

This look makes me sad. In fact,  Michelle kind of looks like she's going to burst into tears here. Add a long sleeve with an elastic ruffle wrist and a bad perm, and this pretty much looks exactly like what I wore to first communion.

Save it for your wedding day, forehead. 

I wonder if they've got a spot reserved for him on Celebrity rehab, season 15, yet? 

Not much to say about what he's wearing here,  but thought I would share with you all that this guy was my partner in an acting class at UCLA and I thought he kind of stunk. Apparently, I have no future in casting.

"And I'd like to thank Jesus for inspiring my look tonight..."
He did deserve that award though.

I'm not sure if it's the new haircut, or the puberty 'stache, but this guy has just totally lost his zing.

And finally, I thought Tina Fey looked really good, but seriously, I had no idea she was hiding this little guy away at home. I mean, give him a pointy hat and a wheel barrow and I'll find him a real nice spot in my garden. He must be really kind and funny and tall, in other places.

Ok, enough. I think I better quit before kharma catches up with me and my monitor sets on fire and scorches my eyebrows off.

P.S. If you really want more mean-spirited and self-righteous commentary, please feel free to hit me up on g-chat today, cause I'm bursting at the seams here. 

P.PS. Tia, I didn't forget you. Happy Bday! Stay tuned. Wink wink.  xoxo

Thursday, January 13, 2011


 I'm pleased to see that nautical stripes aren't going anywhere this spring. As you may remember, they've become one of the most important staples in my casual wardrobe and as an added bonus, the old saying about horizontal stripes tends to keep me at the gym at least twice a week for fear that my torso may one day reach a width that no longer merits horizontal stripe wearing.

So, obviously, I did a spastic little happy clap when I discovered that Ann Taylor is having a 40% off store wide sale all weekend long, and that I will be using said discount to purchase the follwing stripety situations:

Come to me now, salmon striped boatneck

Get ready to be worn to death, knit stripe dress.

And that is all. Have a fantastic weekend.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wishful Thinking...

I just finished up sending over a couple of Miami looks per request of past HMOM Gina, whose I-refuse-to-believe-you've-had-3-children body will no doubt look crazy hot in this little turquoise number she just bought. I refuse to get bummed about the fact that I am not escaping to Miami with some of my very favorite ladies this weekend, as I sit here inside my home wearing an apron I still haven't taken off from doing dishes and a giant scarf  because it is freezing and wet and miserable and no, I'm not jealous, why do you ask?

If however, I was prepping myself for a girl's weekend in Miami, I would probably be sporting one of these super glam and outrageous color combos on my fingers (I'm thinking pink and orange):

Via Black Eiffel

And I would, without a doubt, be rocking these bad boys on my toes- pool side: 

Lilly Pulitzer wedges
But I'll just shuffle off to bed in my wiener dog slippers instead.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

She said Yes!

Even though we had been together for almost ten years, had owned two homes and two dogs together, and I may or may not have been nagging him about "free milk" on a daily basis, it still took me by complete surprise when the hubster finally asked me to marry him. He had picked up the ring that day, but wasn't sure if he could ask me that night. He was taking me out to dinner-  in the pre-kids days, that wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but for some strange reason, I decided to curl my short hair with hot rollers, something that I've probably only done a half dozen times since puberty. It came out looking a little Bozo the clown, but Ry says that when he saw me walk out of the bathroom with my hair curled, he had no choice but to ask me that night. Obviously, I said yes.

 I think proposals are one of the most intoxicating moments of our lives. My adorable sister-in-law and her boyfriend got engaged over the holidays and she was lucky enough to have a friend hiding out in the wings with a camera. This is what she captured:

Kinda makes you feel all happy inside, right? 
Congrats Molly and John- you guys are so cute!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm on a See-food Diet...

Well, you know the joke, but seriously, I can's top eating these days. I don't know what's up (no, I'm not pregnant) , but I'm like one of those lab rats with manipulated glands who eventually eat themselves to death. My feeble attempt at Sara's Whole Living Detox plan has been an epic fail. My plan was eventually just modified to an attempt at two weeks of no sugar, and even that ended prematurely this evening (day 5) by way of a huge slice of banana cream pie.

And so, it is with a mix of frustration and delight that I share with you all what promises to be an incredible new cooking blog, Beyond Peas and Carrots. Behind the apron is another one of my very best girlfriends, Kate Moehl, mother of two and culinary whiz. Every week, Kate will be sharing with us a complete menu of meals to make for every skill level, and having been a dinner guest of Kate and her family for more years than I would like to admit, I will give you my Haute Mama pinkie swear that it's gonna be some seriously good eats.

Her latest menu is of the seafood variety and although the ingredient list is looking a little daunting, I might just dust off my apron and surprise the hubster with a little cioppino next week.

I'll let you know how it goes...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brought to you by the letter H.

While my blog-cation last week was pretty leisurely, the boys and I still managed to check a few things off of the to-do list. Hud's big boy room, while still a work-in-progress, got a little sprucing up by way of some side table accesorizing and a little DIY art project by your's truly.

First off, the boys and I put on our comfiest sweats and headed to Ikea for some things (which may have included a large cinammon roll that we were forced to buy because Hud licked the frosting off of it in the buffet line in front of the hair net lady with no sense of humor and then I was forced to eat the majority of it so that the boys wouldn't be all hyped out on cinammon roll while we shopped and, I mean, I couldn't just throw it away. It was a perfectly good cinammon roll).

Anyways, we snagged this lamp and of course, my favorite rug, and then headed on over to West Elm, where we encountered this handsome little squirrel book end, which, for some reason was only 3 bucks at the store. Major steal. Final stop- Aaron Brothers, where we took advantage of their amazing 1 Cent sale and swooped up a couple of large canvases onto which I would pour my creative genius (sort of). So, without further ado, inspired by the large letter "A" from my original inspiration room, I present to you, the letter H:

The hubs got roped in

Finished product ! (Wish I had some natural light, but there isn't much of that going around these days)

It doesn't take much to make this guy happy. 
I have to do something about those unsightly cords. 

Mr. Squirrel's glamour shot.

So, I know I didn't exactly re-invent the wheel here, but it felt good to take something on and follow-through and I think this will be the first of many more projects to come. Next up, on the list, a skirted console for my living room like this one. So stay tuned!