Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm on a See-food Diet...

Well, you know the joke, but seriously, I can's top eating these days. I don't know what's up (no, I'm not pregnant) , but I'm like one of those lab rats with manipulated glands who eventually eat themselves to death. My feeble attempt at Sara's Whole Living Detox plan has been an epic fail. My plan was eventually just modified to an attempt at two weeks of no sugar, and even that ended prematurely this evening (day 5) by way of a huge slice of banana cream pie.

And so, it is with a mix of frustration and delight that I share with you all what promises to be an incredible new cooking blog, Beyond Peas and Carrots. Behind the apron is another one of my very best girlfriends, Kate Moehl, mother of two and culinary whiz. Every week, Kate will be sharing with us a complete menu of meals to make for every skill level, and having been a dinner guest of Kate and her family for more years than I would like to admit, I will give you my Haute Mama pinkie swear that it's gonna be some seriously good eats.

Her latest menu is of the seafood variety and although the ingredient list is looking a little daunting, I might just dust off my apron and surprise the hubster with a little cioppino next week.

I'll let you know how it goes...


  1. Jess - You can do it...and Ryan will be Oh so happy... thanks for you.

  2. I can't wait to hear some new menu options. I am in a dinner rut (and I'm sure the mouths I feed are bored too!) I absolutely love your blog - such gorgeous photos and quick wit!