Tuesday, January 11, 2011

She said Yes!

Even though we had been together for almost ten years, had owned two homes and two dogs together, and I may or may not have been nagging him about "free milk" on a daily basis, it still took me by complete surprise when the hubster finally asked me to marry him. He had picked up the ring that day, but wasn't sure if he could ask me that night. He was taking me out to dinner-  in the pre-kids days, that wasn't anything out of the ordinary, but for some strange reason, I decided to curl my short hair with hot rollers, something that I've probably only done a half dozen times since puberty. It came out looking a little Bozo the clown, but Ry says that when he saw me walk out of the bathroom with my hair curled, he had no choice but to ask me that night. Obviously, I said yes.

 I think proposals are one of the most intoxicating moments of our lives. My adorable sister-in-law and her boyfriend got engaged over the holidays and she was lucky enough to have a friend hiding out in the wings with a camera. This is what she captured:

Kinda makes you feel all happy inside, right? 
Congrats Molly and John- you guys are so cute!

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