Monday, January 3, 2011

Bienvenido a Mee-ah-mee

It is with great sadness (and jealousy) that I share with all of you the devastation that I am feeling every time I think about the fact that several of my favorite girlfriends from around the country will be jetting off to Miami in just two short weeks for what promises to be a weekend of complete bachelorette-ish ridiculousness. As you may have guessed, I will not be joining because, you know, bills and stuff, but I am flattered to know that despite not being able to experience the ridiculousness myself, I am still looked upon as a source of referral for all things ridiculous, and more specifically, what to wear to such ridiculous (and I mean ridiculous fun) occasions. So anyways, per the request of some awesome ladies, here are a few ideas. The formula is simple really, show a little leg, pop-in some ultra bright hues, and maybe throw in a sequin or two and your set.
miami 3

I mean, it just doesn't get more Miami than hot orange.
Poppy Drape Dress, $78

miami 1

Nothing says I'm ready for late night nachos like a breezy (read: roomy) dress. Plus, it's super cute and cheap. 
ModCloth Glimmer Glamour Jacket , $55
F21 Tiered Pleat Dress, $28
J. Crew Dynamite Ring, $50
Vince Camuto Alicia Bow Heels, $110

miami 2
I'm pretty sure y'all get this one, but just in case, orangey-red top (minus jeans) plus hot shorts (minus tights) plus booties (plus peds?) plus jewels. Got it? Loving a cropped blouse with a high-waist these days.

UO Pins and Needles Tulip Back Blouse, $48
UO Sparkle & Fade High-Waisted Button Front Short, $49
F21 Knotted Ankle Bootie, $28
Blu Bijoux Gold Art Deco Cuff - Max and Chloe, $42
House of Harlow 1960 Black Leather Starburst Pendant Necklace, $79

Meags- I tried to keep everything pretty budget, and I've got plenty more up my sleeve if you're not seeing anything here that tickles your fancy- but that orange dress has your name written all over it. Good luck ladies and HAVE FUN! Congrats Joles!

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