Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wishful Thinking...

I just finished up sending over a couple of Miami looks per request of past HMOM Gina, whose I-refuse-to-believe-you've-had-3-children body will no doubt look crazy hot in this little turquoise number she just bought. I refuse to get bummed about the fact that I am not escaping to Miami with some of my very favorite ladies this weekend, as I sit here inside my home wearing an apron I still haven't taken off from doing dishes and a giant scarf  because it is freezing and wet and miserable and no, I'm not jealous, why do you ask?

If however, I was prepping myself for a girl's weekend in Miami, I would probably be sporting one of these super glam and outrageous color combos on my fingers (I'm thinking pink and orange):

Via Black Eiffel

And I would, without a doubt, be rocking these bad boys on my toes- pool side: 

Lilly Pulitzer wedges
But I'll just shuffle off to bed in my wiener dog slippers instead.

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  1. Going to miss you Jesse, wont be the same without you. Thanks for all your help with my little turquoise dress... you are amazing and so talented. XO G