Tuesday, June 15, 2010

HAUTE MAMA of the MONTH II- finally.

Sometimes I fantasize about selling my cute little1950's rancher and moving into a monster tract home with 6 bedrooms and no personality, but oodles of storage space and a giant toy room that I could just let the boys completely trash and simply close the door when company came over.

In my mind, the house would be immaculate (with the exception of the aforementioned toy room) because everything would have a place- a tidy spot in a closet somewhere reserved especially for whatever that particular item might be. But in reality, I know that the more space I'd have, the more stuff I would accumulate and I would ultimately find myself in the same predicament that I'm in now- too much stuff (and by stuff, I mean shit).

Lately, I've been thinking just the opposite- that maybe all we need to do is simplify- move into a cozy little condo and get rid of all the "stuff" (with the exception of my shoes). And just when I start to tell myself it's crazy talk, I am reminded of my adorable friend and this month's long-overdue HMOM , Mrs. Gina Shoemaker. The incredible, charismatic, creative and enviably skinny Miss G is the mother of 3 little munchkins, ages 4 years to 1 month and she manages to contain her growing brood on the top floor of an old Brooklyn brownstone apartment with no elevator (possible contributing factor to skinniness).

As far as apartments go, it's incredible, with unrestricted views of the NYC skyline, but it's still half of the space that we're working with her at Casa Madigan and Gina manages to make it work and make it adorable while she's at it.

An excellent example of her resourcefulness would be the little hallway art center she recently crafted for her toddlers with some moulding, chalkboard paint, shelving brackets from Anthro and some mason jars. The Shoemakers do not waste space.


I love the little tape measure with paper clips!

Here is the lovely G before the recent arrival of Johnny Charles.

And here are her adorable design assistants. I miss you G!

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  1. Basically need to copy Gina's idea in our new house, love it, so awesome...would like to know which chalkboard paint she used...Gina or Jesse...any idea??? Love you both!