Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In the closet.

It's true, my husband was living in the closet for awhile there. OK- I admit, it was not "the" closet, but rather, "a" closet- in a one bedroom apartment he shared with 3 other adult males in the infamous Isla Vista (and yes, the apartment did look as filthy and smell as rank as you may be imagining right now). Ever since those years spent passing out in the closet with him after a night of Silver Bullet consumption, the thought of closet living has always left a somewhat sour taste in my mouth.

So I figured while we were on the topic of down-sizing, I'd share with you yet another inspiring little space I stumbled across in the blogosphere of late that has changed my outlook on closet residences and is further convincing me to simplify my crowded life. One of my favorite bloggers, Jordan Ferney, a very talented San Franciscan party planner and writer of Oh Happy Day! lives cozily and creatively with her hubby and two sons in a very stylish one bedroom apartment. Her two-year old son, Moses, lives in the converted walk-in closet pictured above and I think it's super cute. Check out more pics of this cool little space here.

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