Monday, June 28, 2010

Hooray for Hollywood!

I typically have a fairly acceptable excuse when I leave you ladies hanging for so many days, as I have this past week. I suppose my current excuse is acceptable, though also admittedly very, very selfish.

You see mamas, I went on a vacation- by myself. And by myself, I don't really mean by myself (I indulged in oodles of quality girl time), but the without kids kind of "by myself". You know- the good kind. Don't get me wrong, I love a good family vacay, but they're not always conducive to poolside cocktails, power-shopping and un-interrupted bouts of magazine reading, and I reeeaaaallly needed all three of those things.

The hubs kept referring to it as my Sex and the City weekend (in between repeated use of the phrase "I can't believe you're leaving me"), and though I guffawed at him when he said it- I have to admit, that's kind of how it turned out.

I think the Universe had read some of my prior posts and decided that maybe it had been a little rough on me for a spell there, and I think, maybe, just maybe, it decided to make it up to me in the following ways:

First, and most importantly, there was "the upgrade." I was initially headed down to LA to meet some of my college besties (go Team V!) for a little ten year (ugh- really?) reunion on Saturday night, which was a very exciting prospect in and of itself, but decided to up the fun ante even more by meeting up with the infamous Tia for some poolside lounging and anticipated celeb sightings at the Hollywood Roosevelt hotel.

The Roosevelt is one of those hotels that makes you feel a little cool just by being there, and thereby convinces you that you just might be able to afford all of those $15 mojitos. I was all set to check-in to my hip, yet inevitably miniature and overpriced room, when I got the news- we'd been upgraded. I still don't really understand how it happened, but ladies, Tia and I did a spastic "movin' on up" dance when our bellboy left us and we could finally squeal with giddiness at our little bit of good fortune.

roosevelt main SMALL
Our Digs.

roosevelt tia SMALL

Tia, post happy dance.

The pretending we were rich continued with a frenzied trip to Barney's coop where an incredible clearance sale was being held (seemingly in my honor) and again that night with an incredible dinner at STK (Cohenator- good call on the parmesan truffle fries). Because we were in LA, I felt it was a reasonable excuse to get what would be considered here in suburbia, "overdressed." This prompted me, for some reason, to pose like a ridiculous cougar.



Despite my high-anxiety pose, the dress, by Corey Lynn Calter was super comfy and on maaajor sale at Macy's. The heels, which also happen to be crazy comfy (a gift from hubs a while back) are Vince Camuto, and guess what?? also happen to be on sale at Macy's. The awesome crystal necklace was a gift from Ti McGhee a few bday's ago, but was purchased at one of my favorite SF boutiques, Two Skirts.

So, stay tuned mamas, for day TWO of super-relaxing, well-deserved, universe payback, solo vacation- more to come soon!


  1. I'm soooo jealous. I keep yelling "Calgon, take me away" from my cube every morning and no one feels my pain. :)

  2. You look amazing... sign me up next time you escape reality!

  3. It was AWESOME. thanks for making it my favorite trip to Hollywood - ever.

  4. Why wasn't I on this trip with you?! Glad you gals had fun!

  5. wow- nice upgrade!! your "ridiculous cougar" comment made me laugh out loud and wake up toshi.