Monday, June 14, 2010

The Summer of Crazy Shoes

I hate casual Friday. I'm typically dressed either one of two ways- presentably or not- and my "not" outfit usually has holes and grease stains, so pulling off the whole polished casual thing just isn't my bag.

This past Friday, after a particularly frustrating morning in the closet, the hubs surveyed my slightly unusual outfit, which I felt the need to finish off with some big, clunky sandals, and proclaimed this, "the summer of crazy shoes."

He nailed it. Something's in the air this year and it's got me snatching up impractical shoes like a woman with no children, but I just can't help myself. Which is why, when I caught a glimpse of the complete Pour La Victoire Spring 2010 collection, I started contemplating picking up a night job.

These are just a few of the styles that are giving me grabbies.

the Erika

the Edie

the christa

the Carol

the Caitlin

check out more of this fabulous collection here!

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