Friday, June 4, 2010

Wedding Looks for Gina!

Although I like to fancy myself a pretty stylish person, I do realize that taste is all relative and that the ruflley turquoise and hot pink floral blouse I'm wearing to work today probably looks a little bit ridiculous to half of the people here (yes, I am posting at work, btw- don't tell) and there is a lot of "who does she think she is" going on at the water cooler.

That said, it's nice to have some reinforcement from time-to-time, which is why I am always totally flattered when you lovely ladies come to me for advice- which is exactly what Miss Gina did last week when faced with a dress that needed some accessorizing for multiple wedding that she's headed to this summer. Gina was looking for colorful (but not "rainbow" colorful -good thing you clarified Gina- because I was gonna set you up with something this)and affordable.

First off, here's the dress:

So- here we go.

Look #1- The dress has a great, sort-of abstract hibiscus print on it that I felt would lend itself well to a slightly beachy look, so I paired it up with some mother-of-pearl accents and a hint of wood. I Love the ruching in the strapless neckline, so thought it best to go with earrings and let the decolletage do the talking. This is what I came up with (forgive me for the small pics today ladies, am having some issues with the Dell and had to literally put these together in Word with 5 Clicks- pretty resourceful if you ask me.)..

Love the Coral hue of the shoes and the two-tone, chunky heel, Boutique Nine Uziri Sandals, $99
Mother of Pearl Shell Disc Earrings, TopShop, $20 (!)

Look #2- As an alternative to the above, I thought we would go the other end of the spectrum and make this look a little more evening. Now, I didn't go colorful on this look, but I just couldn't resist suggesting these shoes and earrings because they were a spot-on match for the dress. You could easily infuse some color with a bright pashmina (I would go with a plum or purple shade) or even a colored clutch. The earrings still just have a hint of mother-of pearl, in keeping with a very subtley beachy vibe.

Rae Back Zip Sandals, TopShop, $135

Crystal Crustacean Earrings, J.Crew, $68

Gina- let me know if I came even remotely close to hitting the mark on these, or hit me up if you want more looks. Good Luck!!!

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