Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Gig is Up.

I'm just curious as to why J.Crew has been greedily hiding their sister store, Madewell, from us Northern Californians for so long. Shame on you, Jenna, for keeping me apart from this incredible skirt for so long:

Mariposa Skirt, $88

And from the ethereal goodness of this tank:

Paisley Hazy Days Cami, $98

And from the effortless perfection of this dress:

Briolette Cami Dress, $175

And from this freaking necklace. Why don't I own this necklace??!

Color Drop Jewel and Chain Necklace, $58

And from these very cool pants that may make me look long-crotched and butch, but I am willing to risk it anyways:

Surplus Pants, $72

Cat's out of the bag Madewell. Now, where's my credit card?

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