Saturday, May 15, 2010

It's Official....

It's been confirmed. The universe is officially conspiring to destroy me. I received a very disheartening phone call from a lovely young lady at Rent the Runway on Friday, informing me that my beloved Midnight Goddess dress was NO LONGER AVAILABLE FOR RENTAL, due to some quality issues. Ashley of RTR was very helpful and offered to send me out any available dress I liked at the same rental price, but in the midst of the clavicle disaster, my sorry attempts at accomplishing anything work-related from home and my decision to hand scrub my entire sectional sofa, I just gave in and let the universe have it's victory.

I've still got my back up Tibi rental coming, but am slightly freaked out about the prospect of only having one option should I look like disco Grover in it. If I had oodles of time, and money, and an insane body- I'd probably just swoop all of these up for overnight delivery:

Sarahseven dress (sans boots), $605

Pretty sure I'm just going to be squeezing my big butt into one of my sister's little dresses instead. Happy Monday!

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