Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let's pretend...

Right now, at this very moment, I am sitting at my desk, alternately watching NBA playoffs and Zoolander, while polishing off an entire bag of microwave popcorn by myself. I didn't even bother to put it in a respectable bowl- I'm just shoving my hand into the greasy, butter-soaked bag. I am attempting to stave off the start of a gross, throaty, possibly fevery cold situation and have for some reason decided that this makes it OK to gorge myself and write a half-ass blog.

So, let's pretend that this is not the case. Let's pretend that I've lost those 8 pounds (you know the ones), my house is crazy clean, and I am busy packing my bags (with lovely things like this and this) in preparation for a little getaway with the hubs. I wouldn't mind paying another visit to the quaint and beautiful spot in Saint Lucia where Ry and I spent our honeymoon. Ti Kaye village, I miss you.


  1. I'm coming with you on your imaginary little journey. My tiny disease vector has been sick since Monday so guess who now has the scratchy hurty throat signalling that my weekend is screwed?? Yep... packing my bags now.

  2. pretty photos!!!

  3. I want to go back as well- so lets plan a trip together... after our reno trip!