Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's See, LC

After the Midnight Goddess cancellation debaucle, the hubster swooped in with a wad of cash (the origins of which remain mysterious) and told me to "Get a dress." As clueless as he acts sometimes to all things "girl", the man can be pretty intuitive and he always manages to intervene just when I'm on the brink of insanity, as I was last weekend.

So, a frenzied dress search commenced. Mind you, little man and littler man were both in toe, and both G-ma and Tia were enlisted to stuff them with pretzel sticks and keep them out of trouble. This however, did not deter them from escaping their stroller and running like wild animals through every store we went to.

Normally, I'm very decisive. I know what I like when I see it and I actually shop better under pressure. Not the case. We left empty-handed, with the exception of two new Build-a-Bears and some left-over pretzels. I felt like Pretty Woman with my wad of cash- "I have alll this money- and no-bo-dy- will- help- mee."

My sister-in-law set out on a similar, albeit much more successful mission that same afternoon with my 1 year old-nephew- at Kohls!

Miss Dana is a true power shopper and swooped up 5 (yes 5- if you know anything about Dana, you know she likes her options) dresses from the LC by Lauren Conrad collection. I had yet to peruse any of LC's collaborative efforts with Kohl's, but did so today and was not entirely displeased. Let's explore, shall we? Some of the purchaseable highlights:

Floral Tank, $34
You know I love an exposed zipper and I think I could potentially like this print..

Military Jacket, $60
Although they seem to be everywhere right now, I'm not yet tiring of all the military inspired jackets that we're seeing this season. The cut on this one looks flattering and feminine.

Bow tee, $34
Loving this.

SequinSkirt, $44
I like the idea of a sequined top or bottom with separates as an alternative to a dress at a wedding or cocktail event- and I would have definitely had some of the cash wad left over for shoes!

So, all-in-all a few well-played items, though I can't speak for the collection as a whole for reasons such as this (to be worn at some sort of weird biker luau I'm presuming?) and this (Motherhood Maternity called- they want this back) .

D- didn't get to see the dresses online, so I'm really hoping you did not opt for the dress version of either of the two I just mentioned. If so, please disregard. See you Saturday!!!

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