Tuesday, May 25, 2010

East Meets West Meets my Stomach

If I seem a little distant lately, it's because I've had very little time to myself and it seems whatever time I do have, I tend to spend eating. This arrangement is not working out well for my pants. It is, however, working out quite well for the Afghan foods lady at the Danville Farmer's Market. Aside from being a very convincing saleswoman, she's slinging some amazingly delicious goods. So good, in fact, that I am dedicating a post to it. So there.

Bholani Afghan food is made locally in Concord, California and can be found at most local farmer's markets, but also at good old Whole Foods & Mollie Stone's. They're also spreading the love across the country by selling all of their products directly from their estore. I've tried almost everything, thanks to a generous sampling policy, but my standard go-to's include the Spinach Bolani (zap it in the micro for a few), topped with the Garlic Mint Cheese Spread & Cilantro Pesto, and the sweet jalapeno jelly. The kids actually enjoy the Bolanis as well and seem oblivious to the fact that they're eating spinach- which is a definite bonus. Swoop some of these goodies up today, and you will not be disappointed- your pants, however, may have some issues.


  1. This post made me hungry just thinking about all the Bolani deliciousness. The Spinach Bolani with Garlic Mint/Cilantro Pesto is my favorite combo and I love the Jalapeno jelly on just about everything. I may have to go back to the farmer's market this weekend...