Monday, May 17, 2010

Peonies Please.

One of the things I love most about Spring are the flowers. Peonies, in particular, are my absolute favorite and I spotted the first bunch of them at Whole Foods the other day, looking elegant and feminine and exclusive with their nine-dollar-for-three-stems price tag. I've tried desperately and in vain to start my own peony garden in the back. It's been almost five years and the four 5 gallons I planted pop their lovely green leaves up without fail every April, and sometimes even produce a few immature buds only to wilt in the sun by June without a single blossom. What gives peonies? I give you morning sun and afternoon shade, an appropriate ph balance, and a healthy serving of Miracle Grow- Why can't you show me just a small iota of the lovin' that you've been showin' M-Stew?

Until I figure out what their beef is with me, I may have to look elsewhere for a little infusion of peony. Sometimes T.J.'s hooks it up with a week or two of bargain bunches and I am all over it, but it's just a matter of time before I relent and hand my nine dollars (well- actually $18, cause I need two bunches for a proper arrangement) over to Whole Foods.

Or I could just wear them.....

Also obsessed with the peony print of this DKNY tank, but Donna is going all Whole Foods on this one with a price tag of $297. Yowza.

This peony print blouse from J.Crew is a little more doable.

And I think even my deflated old bags would look good in this adorbs Peony Print Huit Bra!

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