Thursday, December 30, 2010

What's the Deal?

Aside from wondering whether I will ever find a pun too stupid to post as a blog title, you are also probably just the teensiest bit curious as to where in the world I've been hiding myself this week (or so I like to think). Truth is, I've just been taking a blog-cation and it's been glorious. The hubs and I had two (count 'em- TWO) date nights this week, and to be honest, we were kind of broke and really didn't know what to do with ourselves. I'm also eyeballs deep in season three of Mad Men, and if this post seems a little rushed, it's because I love you all, but the Drapers are waiting.

I would, however, know what to be doing with myself if we hadn't spent all our cash on Fisher Price and Leap Frog, and it would involve seriously hitting up some of the amazing post-holiday deals (again, see title for stupid pun) out there. Surprisingly, I've kept my cyber and actual browsing minimal (to ease the pain), but I've still managed to come up with a few favorites to share with you all.

First runner up is Zara. My mom, Tia, and I did some major damage there when I went down to Santa Monica for my birthday a few weeks ago. One of the items I scooped up was this versatile little day dress, now on sale for $26 smackers:

Zara Round Neck Dress , $25.99

Looks good with boots and an oversized cardigan or a green cargo jacket. It's comfy and easy, and I've gotten enough use out of it already that it makes me want to swoop this number up as well for a measly $39.99

Drape Neck Dress, $39.99

While I was there a few weeks back, I also shelled out for some cute argyle sweaters for my little men, all of which are now on sale for just $18:

Zara boys argyle sweater, $17.99
Now, if I can just get them out of the Star Wars t-shirts I got them....If I manage that, I might have to get them one of these adorable little grandpa sweaters for $16: 

Zara boys plush jacket, $15.99

 I would post some little girl stuff, but, you know, sometimes it's just too painfully cute to deal with.

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  1. Zara has some great stuff for little boys, which is a relief, because it's a pain to find clothes for my 4yo. Love the dress you got yourself!