Monday, December 20, 2010

Halls Decked.

For those of you reading this- or rather, not reading this, because you are feeling slighted and perhaps fear that you have been officially scratched from the HMD Christmas card list for some mysterious reason - fear not. It just doesn't exist yet. I think I'm going with the New Year's card this year. I'd like to say that this is because the New Year's card is an oft forgotten greeting that can be featured all year long, but it's really just because I'm super un-organized this year. I've been planning to have photos taken of the boys by this bad-ass mama for a few weeks now, but the relentless rain has had other plans for us.

Don't worry though, I'm not a total bah-humbug this year. Just to prove it, here are a few shots of Casa HMD- Chrisma-fied:

ho ho home.

Please, come in.

Every year, Ryan lives in fear that one of these stocking holders will fall on someone's heads.
They're really heavy.

Cute little dudes, cute little Santa
Max 's preschool always send him home with little transcriptions. He's really into the word "actually"

I'm guessing we have more wiener dog ornaments than the average household
I have a weird thing for gnomes
Max has a weird thing for stingrays 
Hubs has a wierd thing for Darth Vader and Mexican food (that's a taco)
Yes, several of these are half-eaten.

Fancy wrapping accouterments from Anthro are making me feel a little Martha this year ;)

Four more days! (and then I have to put all this s*$# away)

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