Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rent the Runway

Now that I'm nearing 100 years old, most of my friends have been married off and the wedding frenzy is coming to an end. We've got a few stragglers left, but the celebrations will be few and far between for the next few years. This means my days of spending too much on a dress that I will probably never be able to wear again because it is covered in red wine and satay dipping sauce are just about over. I've got to make these suckers count and I want to look good doing it. My wallet is a little hungry these days, but thanks to Rent the Runway, I can still look like a million bucks at my next big soiree. RTR is a site that let's you rent from a selection of 100's of designer dresses for as little as $50- plus they send you 2 sizes- just in case. I've been looking for a good excuse to take one of their dresses for a test drive.

We've got a wedding coming up in May and I am already scoping out some of my potentials in the hopes of motivating myself to tighten the ponch and tone the arms. These are among my current top picks (all from the $50 selection- except for the 2nd to last):

Nothing special, you say? Well, get a load of the back..

photos courtesy of Rent the Runway

Now just picture them with a little more thigh and a slightly healthier serving of boob. Which is your fav? Thoughts?


  1. Number 1 and 3 - with 3 being my favorite. I do like the back of the last dress but the front isnt my favorite. With a little more thigh and a healthy boob, you are going to look hot!

  2. thanks Ti- I like 3 also- but feel as though it may be too typical for me. #1 is in my top spot now.

  3. Another alternative to Rent the Runway is TheStylist LA. We're a high end dress borrowing service that caters to every shape and size.

  4. I may have to start heading back to the gym to pull off #5 - YUM