Friday, March 12, 2010

No GIRLS allowed.

I have come to appreciate that my four-year-old is in, what I like to call, the "comfy pants stage". He's really not interested in wearing anything that does not have a fleece lining and an elastic waistband (we've all been there). At first, it was a bit of a blow, because I was so used to just dressing him as I pleased in ridiculously coordinated ensembles, but I've come to embrace his hassle-free wardrobe choices and am all about rotating the Target brand sweats we've got in three functional colors. My little one, a surprisingly opinionated little man for his age, has decided that whatever big bro does is alright by him, so he's hopped on the comfort bandwagon as well.

SO, I've said it before and I'll say it again people, thank GOODNESS I do not have a daughter, because I don't think she would be on board with the program (if she is anything like my mom says I was) and thus, I would most certainly have to buy her things like this:

And pretty much everything else they've got going on over at Magpie Lovely. Of course, I'm not completely off the hook. You see, they also have things like this that would really spruce up the gray sweaties :

all photos courtesy of magpie lovely

I'll take TWO please :)

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  1. You sent me the sweetest email a few weeks ago and I just realized I never responded. I am so sorry! But I'm happy because it made me wander over here to find your blog, which I love. Love love love. :)