Monday, March 15, 2010

Carrying On

photo courtesy of the Keep Calm Gallery

My mother-in-law, for whom I am eternally grateful, watches my two little munchkins twice a week while I work and not only saves us bundles of money, but is pretty good at keeping said munchkins in check. I'm also pretty sure she loves them an awful lot, giving me peace of mind as an added bonus. Anyways, MIL has a nasty bug and nanny was unavailable for back-up, so I spent the day working from home, which I actually look forward to doing from time-to-time and hope to someday be able to do regularly.

That said, it can be pretty intense and a just a little bit unproductive. For instance, the battle royale that commenced over Lincoln Logs, just as a dialed into a conference call in London this morning, made for a less-than-professional impression on my part. But, as I've mentioned before- I want it all. I want my cake, I want to eat it, I want to feed it to the kids, and I want to own the bakery, ladies. Is that too much to ask? That's what I keep asking myself tonight as I tally up what was probably only about 2 hours of actual work done in between diaper changes, butt wiping, hand washing, quesadilla making, time-out issuing, sippy cup hunting, vaccuming up bits of the wall all over my son's bedroom floor(yes, wall) and an occasional tickle monster/hug/snuggle break.

I know it is the most cliche thing a parent can say, but I'm going to say it anyways because it's also the most truthful thing - they just grow up way too fast, and I want to be here while they do it. Lately, life seems a little overwhelming, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a not-so-good way and I'm just trying to figure it all out.

I've come across the print above on quite a few design blogs lately, and I think I'm going to need one to put above my desk, because it pretty much sums up my only plan of action right now, and it doesn't hurt that it's super cute. You'll find lots of other fun and inspirational prints like this one at the Keep Calm Gallery. I'm also loving this one for my kitchen:
Anyways, it's back to my diaperless cube tomorrow, but hopefully not for long ;)

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