Thursday, March 18, 2010

Teeny and the girls

Recently one of my mom's clients gave her a Matryoshka, one of those cute little Russian nesting dolls, and the boys have been completely intrigued by her. Naturally, Hud, my out-of-control 21-month-old who we also lovingly refer to as "Thrash and Bash", lost the littlest old lady almost immediately (we haven't ruled out the possibility that he ate her) and every time he gets his hands on her now, we have to hear him lament all about "teeny tiny" and how she's "all gone."

The love of little old Russian ladies must be genetic because I too have always had a soft spot for the Matryoshka. Aside from her orange Barbie camper, her swimming pool and a parrot that cried for his grandma all day, one of the things I remember most about going to my babysitter's house was sitting at her vanity and playing with her set of nesting dolls. Lately, I've been seeing these little cuties pop-up all over the place. Here are a few of my favorite appearances:

An absolutely precious piece of fabric artwork, handmade by one of my latest blog crushes, Viv of Ish & Chi and sold in her fun Etsy shop

Another fun print from the Keep Calm Gallery

How cute are these measuring cups from urban outfitters? They make me want to bake- almost.

These bobby pins from Magpie Lovely are perfect for little haute-ies, but I think Mamas could pull them off as well.

And lastly, it just doesn't get any cuter than this handmade dress from Etsy seller Illia's Kids

Happy Thursday lovelies- get to spendin'

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