Sunday, March 14, 2010

Looking Taylor-ed

Ever since Lisa Axelson, former designer for Club Monaco, took over the design helm at Ann Taylor about a year or so ago, I have been totally obsessing over their goods. Who knows, maybe I'm just getting old and am failing to see that I've just landed smack dab in the demographic that they've always catered to, but I'm pretty darn sure they've stepped up their game. AND to top it all off, Lisa and her marketing cronies have decided to cinch the deal by continually offering awesome sales and mark-downs. Knock-it off already Lisa, I'm broke.

If you, however, are not broke, you may want to hop on over to the AT for 25% off when buying two full price items or 40% off when you buy 3 full price items. AND they're offering free online shipping for orders over $150. WTF. Check out the promo here and check out some of my woulds-if-I-coulds here:

Do I need to explain this one? Uh, yeah, didn't think so.

Silk Tank Top $68
Awesome layering piece and evening awesomer with loads of necklaces for summer date nights.

Silk Cotton printed Seamed Sheath dress $89.99
Even though they've been around for awhile now, I still can't get enough of these ikat prints. This dress is on sale, so doesn't qualify for the discount- but it's still a total steal.

Semi-precious Pyramid Necklace $68
And lastly (but only because I have to go to sleep, otherwise this list would continue for miles), this little piece of gorgeous insanity.
Happy Monday!

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