Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tiers of Joy

In case you were all wondering, I did NOT forget to keep my date on March 18th, and although I didn't camp out Mervyn's-style as promised, I did manage to pop in that evening and see if my local H&M had the goods I'd been dreaming about. Sadly, either the campers beat me to them, or they just aren't that well stocked yet- but NONE of the Garden Collection items I was quite certain would be living in my closet this week were there. But don't you worry, my pretties, I did not leave empty-handed.

image courtesy of HM.com

Behold, my frilly little $40 friend, harbinger of spring and little dress season. Although I do admit that it's unabashedly feminine regardless of color, I didn't go pink, as pictured, but a slightly darker lavender. Don't get me wrong, had I known the pink existed, I probably would have gone balls-to-the-wall girly and snatched it up. For all of you that prefer to look a little less Easter egg-y, it also comes in black. This little tiered number fits like a glove, and was a hit both with hubby (despite his inquiring as to where the flapper convention was) and my fellow baby shower-goers alike.

Tiers, when done correctly, can be super flattering and forgiving and come in all shapes and sizes. Keep in mind that smaller, thicker tiers, while fun, can add volume to the body, but longer tiers can be great for camouflaging flaws. I've picked a few of each to suit the needs of all my Haute Mamas- which is your favorite?

BCBG Crepe Tiered Tank, $71
This color blows my mind. I would probably wear this everyday. Also comes in black.
Central Park West Napa Silk Tank, $97
The Minimalist tiers. Again- I'm going a little crazy with the spring color, but I can't help myself.

TopShop Tall Tiered Crop Blouse, $70
So lovely. TopShop is on hit these days. Cheers.

Luca Couture Chiffon Tiered Dress, $58
I'd break out my cowboy boots for this one.

BCBG Max Azria Tiered Cocktail Dress, $358
Finally, some black for my conservative mamas...

J.Crew Linen Cotton Tiered Bateau Shell, $58
..and some white. J.Crew is ALL ABOUT the tiers right now. Seriously.

Enjoy. xoxo


  1. I MUST own the Ali Ro dress. its SOOOOOOO fantastic!

  2. Jesse, I talked to Lindz today, so I sort of get this whole blog thing now, and learned about the "follower" thing, so I am now a "follower". I love the Ali Ro dress, but I love the dress you got too and I may have to make my first trip to H&M to buy it! ;) I'm dying for some floral dresses that are cute AND affordable...any suggestions? Oh yeah, and flattering for me would be helpful too :)