Friday, March 19, 2010

The Beginning of the End

I'm not sure what, exactly, I was en route to when I somehow found myself at Lands' End's new Canvas Site, but I have to say, I was not completely repulsed. They're aiming for a j.crew-esque aesthetic, but it's still coming off just a little, well, Lands' End-y.

Regardless, I did find a few pieces that I almost certainly will have to buy. For instance, I have been ogling this preppy little cotton shell from the Harvey Faircloth Spring line almost daily, but at $195, it simply taunts me with its exclusivity. Lands' End makes a surprisingly similar and timeless must-have version of this wardrobe staple, and at $39, I really must-have it!

Women's Boatneck Shell

I'm also a sucker for a nautical stripe, so I wouldn't mind swooping up one of these over-sized striped cardi's in every color.

Women's stripe Boyfriend V-neck Cardigan

How simple of a solution is this little tank dress for those hot summer Saturdays when you anticipate sweating like a pig and eating like one too? Love it and love the yellow.

And then, of course, we have what Lands' End does best- the canvas tote. They're offering up this essential in six sunny colors. I'm all about the kelly green.

Garment Washed Ragtop Tote

Now I just need a big ol' boat and some big ol' sunnies (since Hud, aka Thrash & Bash, destroyed mine this week) and I'm ALL SET.

Enjoy the weekend! xoxo


  1. Maybe this makes my momhood official but I heart Lands End lately. They have some super cute striped swimsuits!

  2. not surprising, this collection has Lewisburg written all over it.

  3. I'm investing in some of these lovely pieces for my trip to South America! whoot whoot, thanks jess!