Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let them eat cupcake!

Both of my boys were summer babies, so I've still got a few months to go before I start frantically trying to find ways to contain and satiate hoards of sugar-frenzied toddlers, and make myself look somewhat Martha Stewart-y in the process. While trying to replicate a miraculously perfect John Deere tractor cake that I had made for Max's 2nd birthday (which sadly, was seen only by family), for Hud's farm-themed bash the following year, I managed to butcher not one, but two whole cakes, before settling on a small chicken cupcake. The little hen actually turned out quite cute (thanks Living), but this year, I am coming to terms with my non-existent inner domestic goddess and saving myself the anxiety by making some good ol' fashion cupcakes and adorning them with these insanely adorable cupcake kits from Meri Meri.

Ready Set Go Cupcake Set, $11.95

Obviously, we'll end up going with something like cars or pirates, but how flippin' cute are these birds?

Tweet Tweet Treats Cupcake Kit, $11.95

And for those of you who are just dying to see my handy work from previous years....Check out my hall of fame.

What can I say, I lost my touch.

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