Friday, March 12, 2010

I don't like it either kid.

photo courtesy of Katie Did

Since we are on the topic of adorably dressed children, I will share with you one of my recent blog crushes, Katie, of Katie Did. She seems to be one of those ridiculously creative people who crafts all day, makes insanely cute homemade clothing for her kids, takes awesome photographs and probably keeps her house clean while she's at it. I desperately want to hate her for making the me's of the world seem devastatingly unorganized and talentless, but I just can't. She's just too darn cute.

I am LOVING the journals she has her daughters put together. She has them each draw something and the older one writes in her thoughts, while she transcribes conversations and commentary from the little one. I can't wait to get my little monsters on this regimen. Max is really into telling stories these days about "when he was a daddy," and I am always fascinated by the happenings of his past life. Apparently, he drove a road train and made bath rugs, among other things.

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