Sunday, March 7, 2010

Garden Variety

Rewind several weeks, and in yet another fit of boredom, I am walking off my Fresca menu soft taco at the mall and some irresistable force drags me into Forever 21. That's where I saw it. This happy-happy, joy-joy, slighlty flowy silk tank in just about the cutest floral print you've ever seen- with an exposed zipper up the back to boot (I am all about the exposed zipper these days). Yes, I was certain of it; someone had made this blouse just for me.

Alas, I had nary a cent to my name and knew that I not only, should not, but could not buy it. The real tragedy in all of this, was that the blouse cost a whopping $22, just to give you an indication of how terribly strapped I am these days.

Weeks pass and I am haunted by visions of the blouse. I check their website daily to ensure that it still exists, feeling slightly relieved that it actually looked a little ugly online, and hoping it's just ugly enough to not sell out until after I stumble upon some (very) small fortune and buy it.

And then, one weekend, in a stroke of genius, I uncover a tags-on Xmas gift in the back of the closet. It was a cute melon and black striped scarf that, after some evaluation, I decided was too itchy and could be worn only with black as I have very few other colors in my closet that jive with melon. The scarf was going back.

After a painless, "cash-please" return to Nordstrom, I proceed at a frantic pace to F21, certain that my little gem has been discovered and devoured by a pack of trendy hairdressers. But, (sigh!) there it was, shining like a beacon amidst a sea of age-inappropriate synthetics, and, at long-last, it was mine.

So, as you can very obviously see, I'm pretty psyched about all the super feminine floral prints that are popping up all over this spring, whether in watercolor-hued silks or prairie-inspired cottons. Take a peek at the infamous blouse seen below on yours truly, as well as a few fun, floral looks I've put together.

It seems as though word finally got out on the infamous blouse, since it's no longer available online, but here's a similar look you might enjoy that also will not break the bank.

And, as promised, more fun florals:

Garden Variety w/Jeans

Items in this set:
Coco studded cashmere cardigan, $355
Mod ClothThe Fierce Style Tank, $45
Avedon skinny jeans, $165
RAE Back Zip V Throat Sandals, $125
Reiss Molo Weave Bucket Bag, $220
Juicy Couture Pave Pyramid Studs $48
Mod Cloth Cutenkhamun Necklace $22

Garden Variety 1

floral sun dress
Items in this set:
Joie Santana Batwing Cardigan - Light heather grey, $195
Arden B Ditsy Floral Print Dress , $58
J. CrewReese studded back-zip gladiator..., $140
Asos Washed Two Buckle Satchel, $65
Top Shop Stitch Detail Leather Belt, $36
Stella & Dot Jasmine filigree earrings, $5

And for those of you with little hauties- how can you resist these little floral pedal pushers by Mini Boden??

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  1. Jessie can you please come style me every morning?!?!! Love the looks you put together...and the Stella & Dot shoutout! :)