Monday, March 29, 2010

Skorting the Issue

There are several trends I've succumbed to in the past that I've sworn I would never revisit. I'm fairly certain that "skorts" were, at one point, somewhere on that list.

Well, I guess the moral of this very brief story is, never say "never" ladies. My new skorts are hanging in the closet.

courtesy of Forever 21

I admit, they're not quite as cute or as classy as these linen tap pants by Built by Wendy that initially sparked my skort fire:

image courtesy of Built by Wendy

But they were also about 10 times cheaper- literally.

Ready to brave the skort? Check out Top Shop's uber feminine and slightly cheeky selection. Their sweetpea shorts are my fave:

image courtesy of TopShop

Just don't call them Culotts.
Happy Monday!


  1. I like the floral skorts but I kinda wish I didn't.

  2. I know, I am definitely having some age-inappropriateness conflict over these...but I kind of love them.