Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Shame on you, shopbop.

Although I haven't actually purchased anything here in quite a while, I still manage to hop on shopbop.com at least once a day to browse lustily at all the things that are either too fashion forward for me to pull-off (really Camilla? these should come with a disclaimer about escalators) and/or are completely out of my allowable price range.

SB has had a few staple models for years now (Big Red, The Horse, etc) and although they all look slightly discontented (why am I wearing this ridiculous jumper?), I've come to regard them as friends, really- familiar faces that I can rely on to stare back at me with a look of aloofness that borders on disdain. Then, out of nowhere, SB just throws a whole slew of new ones into the mix. OK, I'd be fine with that. Hello, nice to meet you angry ladies.

With one exception:
Head-on-sticks here caught my eye the other day and apparently she did not get the memo about food providing nourishment and the fact that she is practically 95% femur really freaked me out.

So, shame on you shopbop. I should be boycotting you, but then...oh.....Ooooooooh. Nevermind.

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  1. You are hysterical!! I actually hadn't noticed the new model, but I totally know what you mean about the familiar faces. Isn't one of the models a girl from Models of the Runway? I forget her name but I swear it's her.