Thursday, March 25, 2010

A very early start.

Little Man is, to say the very least, expressive. Though his range of expressions are countless, the three above are among the most common and my definite favorites. I saw none of these this morning between 3AM and 9AM, while we rocked, cried, barfed, did laundry, and cried some more, until we both collapsed for a mid-morning nap that lasted into the afternoon. By dinner time, he was back to his usual pranks, demanding that his older brother "share" (aka, give him whatever toy he is playing with immediately), talking about the horsie we saw this weekend that smelled like "fawts", and then attempting to ride his "horsie", Scooter, patron saint of wiener dog martyrs.

I love this naughty little man.

As for my big man, I love him too, and, as we all know, he loves him some road walkers.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!
xoxo Jesse


  1. oh man - i love those little guys.

  2. good job momma...some day when we are sitting pool side (with a glass of wine) while our little ones fend for themselves we will think that this all happened in a blink of an eye :)