Thursday, July 15, 2010

Something Borrowed.

with kell at wedding

Yes, Tia, we know you have Laboutins and I don't. Stop rubbing it in.


Despite some road bumps along the way, including this little debaucle and the fact that one of the sizes of my Tibi, back-up-turned-only-dress, arrived with the elastic shot in the waist (fortunately both sizes worked)- I would have to say that the end result of my Rent the Runway experience was a successful one. The electric shoulder was a hit and the compliments were rolling on this particular night. I was feeling pretty good- if not just a little bit Disco Grover.

And you know what, for the very lovely price, I would, and probably will, do it all again.

Special thanks to my favorite photog and Haute Mama of the Month, Linds, of Lindsey Stafford Photography for the pics above!

And on a very random side-note- does anyone feel like their face has completely changed since they've had kids? I swear mine grew like 4 inches in length (as evidenced by the first photo above). What's up with that?

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