Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Clean Sweep

Although you would never guess it by looking at the current state of my house, I actually really love to clean. Nothing gives me quite the same sense of satisfaction and peace as a freshly cleaned, lemon-and-amonia-scented house. Every couple of weeks, I kick the men out, throw on a holy old nightgown and some rubber gloves, blast the itunes and get jiggy with the Comet. Afterwards, I love to just sit back with a Diet Coke or a glass of white wine (depending on if it is before or after noon), soak it all in and do my best to pretend that three filthy boys aren't going to start dirtying it up with their greasy little paws, cookie crumbs and dirty underwear in literally, just a matter of minutes.

Recently, I discovered something that will make my cleaning experience an even better, and more stylish(?!) one. Yes, I know, the holy nightgown is far from stylish, but perhaps I will have to upgrade my cleaning wardrobe to match the ridiculous cuteness of these cleaning supplies I spotted in the latest issue of Lonny from the geniuses of Alice Supply Co:

Dustpan, $22

broom, $26
Wouldn't these make cute house-warming gifts?


  1. That broom might actually make me do some sweeping!

  2. I would definitely purchase these as housewarming gifts! Love the idea, thanks :)

  3. SO darling. The hubs should buy that for me so I actually clean. HA! Thank you so much for entering our giveaway for The Sart and Domino books!

  4. that's so cute. i also saw some pretty ironing board covers on someone's site...also a worthwhile purchase. now time to upgrade the outfit!
    xox alison