Thursday, July 29, 2010

Return on Investment

After Max's basketball practice, which, btw, ended in tears as it does almost every week thanks to a severe lack of coordination that Mr. Max apparently inherited from his mother- I thought I would take the boys to a nearby park and duck pond for some cheering up- which, coincidentally was located at an outdoor mall and in dangerous proximity to an Anthropologie.

It was literally like swimming against the current trying to keep myself out of the store. Cash is getting a little tight these days, so I've tried to convince myself that my current wardrobe will suffice for the remainder of the summer ("tried" being the operative word), but I'm a total junkie when it comes to shopping, and to quote Edward Cullen, Anthro is my particular brand of heroin.

So, I caved. However, I tried to rationalize my spending by purchasing something that I considered to be totally practical and left with a slightly pricey, but totally flattering, pair of khaki capris. To further rationalize my purchase, I've devised several ways in which to wear them and have come up with outfits for the following scenarios:

First off- the khakis:
Three Season Capris, $88

Khakis at Work:
work khakis

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  1. I want the Weekend Getaway Khakis outfit!! Love love love