Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pretty Pleats.

pleated trousers

I've been really over my nine-to-five these days.... I was just tempted to add something cynical along the lines of, "but who isn't," and then I thought for a moment about those lucky people out there who actually love what they do. While I am not one of those people, I can still dream that maybe one day, I can be, and in the meantime, perhaps the addition of some fun new work staples might give me reason to keep showing up.

I'm kind of loving the return of the pleated trouser and the cropped version is a nice summer solution. Will they make me look bloated? Possibly- but I managed to find a few pairs that were such steals, I just might be able to risk it.

1. Gracia Stretch Trouser, $69
2.Charlotte Russe Pleated Cropped Trouser, $29
3. Need Supply Cropped Trouser Pant, $52
4. GAP Cropped Slouchy trouser pants (my faves), $59.50

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