Friday, July 16, 2010

Lady Like.

I've always felt a little schizophrenic when it comes to my personal style. Depending on my mood, I might find myself longing to be totally relaxed, boho, J.Crew chic- only to wake up the next day, wishing I had a polished, professional power-wardrobe full of tailored skirts and Theory blouses, or perhaps a Shopbop-fueled closet, full of edgy tops, modern dresses, platties and funky jeans.

Lately, though, I've been inspired by several sources to get my retro on. Regardless of my frequent fashion wanderings, I somehow always seem to find my way back to my personal favorite look- which is uber-feminine and full of lady-like dresses and blouses, voluminous skirts and girly prints. I've always suspected that I might come back in another life, a bolder version of myself and go all-out Rock-a-billy- but in the meantime, I'll aim for some occasional looks like these:

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Image courtesy of The Sartorialist, via The Lil Bee

This chick looks absolutely flawless in this combo of bold prints, and classic style with modern accents. Fortunately for me, our friends over at Modcloth have a very similar and equally delightful little frock, in almost this exact shade of sunny, yellow perfection:

yellow dress

ModCloth Quiet Campus Stroll Dress, $89

I'm also loving the retro vibe of the blouses floral dresses from British line Nadinoo:

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Nadinoo dress as seen on Cup of Joe.

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Naomi of Rock Star Diaries, rockin' a retro inspired skirt from Anthro that I may possibly need to own.

I've also been finding a lot of inspiration of late from the lovely blogger behind The Rock Star Diaries and her casually cool, but super-girly looks. From the looks of things, she frequents her local Anthropologie. The geniuses behind Anthro continue to torture me with their incredible selection of lady-like lovelies and vintage inspired goodies. A few items that currently have me seeking night jobs include:

The Vappu Dress,$98

Good thing my hair is growing out, because I'm thinking these both call for the perfect ponytail.
Don't you think?

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  1. Gotta hand it to ModCloth for having such a great selection of cute dresses at affordable prices. You could totally replicate that Sartorialist look! Also, Naomi is so cute...her red lipstick and headbands are always the cutest finishing touch to her outfits.