Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mini Rotation

I know I've mentioned before that my little men are very opinionated these days about what they wear (hmmm...I wonder where they got that from?). While I encourage their individuality, I do have to bite my tongue and comply when I see some of the ensembles they've put together. For the most part, I have relented. I never thought I would be, but I am totally one of those moms that let's their kids rock superhero costumes and head-to-toe disney character outfits out in public, because I've realized that I care less about my kids looking cool than I do about them feeling cool- and there's nothing like the ear-to-ear grin on a three year-old face when you unveil a new Buzz Lightyear t-shirt.

I will, however, still occasionally splurge on something a little more "hip" for my boys, and then do my darnedest to convince them it's awesome enough to choose over the dump truck shirt. I just spotted these super cute, retro-inspired tees by Mini Rotation and couldn't help but snatch them up for my dudes:

Monkey to the Moon tee, $28

Hot Dog Hi-Five Tee, $28

And, oh yeah, I also pretended to purchase this for my imaginary daughter:

Here's hoping they make the cut.

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