Monday, August 23, 2010

Making Time.

Today, for reasons I cannot yet reveal, was an emotionally taxing day. Nothing major, nothing to be concerned about my lovelies- just lots of decisions to be made at Casa Haute Mama and seemingly, never enough time to make them. Sadly, there has been little time and resources available for me to focus on the endless array of wearable goodies that are out there in the webiverse, just waiting to be discovered and coveted and shared with you all, but bear with me, I can only go so long without a thorough covet-session.

The days seem to whizz by in a blur and sometimes I try to stop them dead in their tracks and hold on to those fleeting moments of perfection that may come again, but never in quite the same way. Like this afternoon, when Hud and I laid nose to nose, hiding under the covers of my bed from the lion that was waiting to "chomp" us-  I tried so desperately not to let the thought that his nose would soon be too cool to touch my nose, rob me of the immeasurable joy I was feeling in that instant. My life is so full of these happy little instances, but sometimes I wonder if I'm catching them all. Thankfully, I've got friends to catch them for me sometimes.

Good Catch Linds :)


  1. ahhhh, so precious, love these little guys. Good luck with your decision!! xoxo

  2. Such a great pic. You need to blow that bad boy up. :)